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2-up day-long ride suggestions for the weekend?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by ChileanSurg, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hi folks

    Being new to OZ and Netrider as well, I was wondering if you could recomend a nice 2-up ride to take both the Mrs. and the Veefeer for a stroll this weekend? Maybe a nice place to have lunch, and then back home?


  2. Head up to Wollombi, via the Old Pacific Highway. Pub food there is OK.

    Alternatively, up the Old Pac but then continue to Terrigal via Gosford. You can cook your own steaks at the Terrigal Hotel. Plenty of other nice places to eat.

    Unless, of course you are in the abbotsford in Vic...
  3. Thanks Brimm, sounds about right!

    And yeah, its Abbotsford NSW

    Cheers mate!
  4. Theres also up Putty Rd and across to Wollombi .. lunch at the Pub and back via Old Pac .... or reverse. Thats a nice ride and you can stop at the GreyGum Cafe on Putty for some morning/afternoon coffee.

    If you dont mind the cold head up to Bathurst via the Great Western and return via Bells Line. Maybe leave that one for warmer times though :D

    One thing with any of these routes, do watch out as there are sections that remain damp and/or mossy at this time of year. Just take a smidget of extra care.
  5. I had a nice lunch at the Wollombi Cafe today. A bit more pricey than the pub but the food was much better. No EFTPOS though, will need cash.
  6. Great suggestions! Got caught up in the "City to Surf" frenzy today, but will head up next sunday probably (should the weather be on our side)

    Thanks! Probably see you "en-route" next weekend!

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  8. How long is a piece of string. Diff riders, diff bikes will take diff times. How fast do you ride, how many breaks do you need, how long do you want to make those breaks?

    Lets say an average of around 6-7 hours, though that depends heavily on you. Allow a full day and smell the cows.