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2 tales

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by not_sane, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Just went for a walk through the city up to the victoria bridge, watched a champ car and 2 v8 supercars do a lap and a couple of burnouts... was good. indie has started :D:D:D:D

    Had a professional guy come out and check my bike out last night. I could talk about that for 1/2 an hour and never shut up but he was tellin me a story bout the engines in them.
    He is a engine rebuilder by trade, started with cars, went to boats, bikes and airplane engines and has also done some engineering. he was tellin me that at a bbq him a couple of mates would pull the engine out of something and put it on a test bench at full revs and put bets on how long the engine would last.
    so they got a wrecked cbr and took the engine out of it. any guesses on how long the engine lasted? i said 20mins thinkin that it would be about fair.

    4hours later the little screamer was still going, they ended up draining the oil out of it and it still ran for a while. no one won....

    just thought that was worth knowing for some of those people that are worried about blowing up little engines
  2. am i the only one that finds this interesting?

    and none of you are even gonna make a comment about it

    ** hits head against wall.

  3. wanker

  4. haha :evil:

  5. i had a professional come look at your mum when i was hiring her.. he said she would last hours, that minute i paid in cash the 3.50 and took her home!

    but on a serious note yeah thats good they last ages.. my zxr has 40100 on the clock now :D runs well.. i cant compare it to a brand new bike tho..
  6. So you can run it without oil, very economical.
  7. Cant remember if i found the link to the artice on here, but i read one where basically they done the same thing. Held a ZX6 engine at 8k for a long while till it didnt look the best, then ran it with out oil and the thing burnt holes in the exhaust from flamage then topped up oil and coolant next day and it ran fine....
  8. oi man just keep prayin that you never see my mum.

    btw you can pay for hours but if you only lasts 5 strokes your wasting your money, go fcuk your own.

    dunno i just thought that was really impressive. 4 hours at full revs, same as doing a few k's
  9. thats not bad...

    i don't think there was any stress on the cbr, which makes you think if 4 hours is even an effort..

    :roll: dunno
  10. People used to do this sort of engine blow up thing a bit. I remember it was half commen at bike rallies.

    A variation was 'burn a honda' where various (euro or american organised) rallies used to raise funds to buy an old honda and throw it onto a fire and burn it (to loud cheers).

    Another popular crowd pleaser was the 'Volvo Bash' where to raise money for a charity the event organisers (the local motorcycle club normally) would auction the right to smash significant bits of the Volvo car (that was normally bought from a local wreckers or donated).

    People would bid for the windscreen or the headlights or the taillight or the first hit on a particular panel.

    After that it was a couple of $ a hit.

    Rallies tended to be louder, more agro places a couple of decades ago :)
  11. A variation was the Volvo/Honda drop from a crane, now days most rallies (not many left) wont even have an iron gut comp or slow bike race, due to insurance fears. :cry:
  12. Yeah I usta go to a few rallies and have seen plenty of hondas revved to death.Every thing to ct110's, XR's,CB & CBR's. Fitting end to bike that are worth a dollar a cc.
  13. That was in one of the UK bike mags (TWO, I think). something like four hours at full revs, then dropped all the oil and tried to kill it. It ran for half an hour with NO OIL before they gave up. :shock:
    And yes, when they filled it up again it still ran OK.
  14. A place near where I used to work in Canberra used to do that every Christmas eve. The guys would get a car, drain the engine of its oil and do burnouts in it until the engine blew up.

    One year that got an old Toyota Crown and tried it. It was still going an hour and a half later and eventually they had to detonate it themselves by dropping bits of debris down the carby bell-mouth.

    Don't let anyone tell you the Japs don't build unburstable engines.
  15. These are the sort of claims that came with the bottle of "SLICK 50"