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2 stroke vs 4stroke whats the diff?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by typezero, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. hey guys :)

    I've been told that 2stroke bikes are high maintenance?
    In terms of performance and ridability what is the difference?
    I'm kinda having second thoughts about the bike I want to get
    tossing between the NSR150/250 or a VTR250 now.
    I kinda don't want to spend as much as originally planned ($5000) as
    I thought I'd probably upgrade as soon as I can...

    your input is very much appreciated!

  2. 2-strokes put out significantly more power than 4 strokes. What isn't so good about them is their very narrow power band, which would not be good if you're not used to them. Not sure about the NSR150, but I'd say definitely stay away from the NSR250 if you're not an experienced rider.

    Lots of people love VTR250s. From all accounts their quite nice.

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  4. 2 strokes have high power (two power pulses per cycle, fewer moving parts), simplicity and light weight. They are not so peaky as to be outright dangerous as long as you remember the throttle works both ways. They have very little engine braking which takes a bit of getting used to, and which makes them more demanding to ride- you have to be in the right gear, progressive with the clutch etc.

    They are more expensive to maintain, but again it isn;t that bad. While they need very little routine maintenance (except spark plugs), they do need a full engine rebuild every 20,000-30,000 kays, and will seize if you don't. This is not nearly as big a job as a 4-stroke rebuild, as there are no valves/cam chain/timing stuff, but the parts can be costly. Also, you would be mad not to use quite expensive synthetic oil, which you have to have on hand for long trips etc, as 2-strokes burn their oil as you may know.

    There's probably not that much difference in running costs between the VTR and NSR (one cylinder = cheap rebuilds). The VTR would be far easier to live with but some guys just don't care for 'practical.' I learnt on an RZ250 and spent lots of time on RZs, RDs, briefly raced a 92 TZR, and borrowed my girlfriend's RGV. Lots of fun, but everyone seems to get a 4-stroke sooner or later.
  5. 2 stroke = a very revy ride and also u would have to wait for power...
    good for days u just want to carve up some corners and go ballistic
    4 stroke = easy to ride and more livable ride for every day use
    from what i heard a 2 stroke eg: rgv/nsr/rs 250 goes as fast as a 600cc
    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Yep... you kids today are soft I tells ya! Back when I were a lad if you learnt on a 4-stroke you were a gurl... anyone with balls got a Suzuki RG(V), a Yammie RZ, RD (the 'rapid death') or TZR, a Kawaskai KR or KR1S.

    These were the bikes that killed a generation and inspired the power/weight restriction. They were all crashed or blown up by no maintenance from spotty yoof owners and are mostly very rare.
  7. hahaha not soft... just relised that just not the hassle lol
  8. Depends what sort of 600. A new R6 for example would own them.

    When I had my RGV a mate had a VF750 that used to blow the RGV away off the line but if it was more like we cruised along at 60 then decided to hit the gas the RGV would keep up ok.
  9. You can get good deals on NSR's if you look around and where you wont pay 5k. A friend recently got a 2002 NSR 150 with just under 3,000k's, service records, almost new helmet and jacket and 6 months reg for $3700. Awesome bikes if you want to learn to ride properly!
  10. thanks for input guys.

    I got my L's today and now looking for a bike. I'll be mainly using it to get to and from work, so a practical bike is I think more suitable.

    I really have the VTR250 in mind and if I find one at the right price I think that's what I'll go for. I don't need a fast bike at the moment, I just want one that's reliable and something good to learn on, as I think that I will upgrade to a CBR600 after I get off the restrictions.

    Anyway is there anyone here that did the 2 day course at HART on April 1st and 2nd? I'd like to know how you guys went and what your bike plans are :)

    regards to all
  11. Hi there, i'm from singapore and currently riding NSR 150SP. It's really a very reliable bike and has higher power to weight ratio than 250cc 4 stroke. Ya, it's also a very popular bike here :]

    For those who take care of their bike, 2 strokers are just as easy to maintain as 4 strokers. Mine is 6 years old, travelled 45k km but never ever send for engine overhaul. Bear in mind 2 strokers are not meant to travel long distance. Regarding engine seizure, it's due to constant high rpm of more than 8k rpm and 2T flow setting on the low side. Most honda engines are very reliable, but i can't say so for italian bikes like RS125 and Mito 125 which has valves issues...

    Just 1 more thing... DamageInc, try to get NSR 150SP instead of NSR 150RR. SP version has single side pro-arm (much nicer looking), while RR has conventional swing arms.

  12. Believe me the VTR250 is quick enough. It is quite sporty and very rideable.
  13. Do yourself a favor as a learner, forget the 2 strokes and get a vtr.
  14. A 2-stroke would be fine in Singapore, the islands only about 40km at its widest point. But if you're ever planning on doing long distances regularly, the VTR would definately be the bike to go for.
  15. and they are noisey and smelly!
  16. jd, singapore is a small island country with more than 60km at its widest point(not 40km) :]

    On a stock NSR 150, it's only loud at higher rpm. Those with aftermarket exhaust system and end-can are really loud and sounds very hollow. Definitely all 2 strokers are smelly, so nv ride behind them.

    Back to GT250R. Can this bike take long distance easily and comfortably at ard 140km/h? Intend to travel up north to thailand and back on a 1500+km trip...

  17. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up getting a VTR250 about three weeks ago. I can say that I'm very happy with the purchase.
    Love riding...just lovin it!

    I'm hoping to post some pics sometime soon!

    cya guys :)
  18. Well, see that you do, because, as everyone knows

    :worthlesspics: :LOL:
  19. :grin: