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2 Stroke -V- 4 Stroke (for Learners)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Im new here & hopefully in a few weeks I'll earn my L's. Without getting ahead of myself, I need to start considering what bike to buy so I can ride without delay when it happens :D .

    What is better for a newbie a bike with a 2 stroke engine or one with a 4 stroke. Is one easier to maintain and is less forgiving of being over revved & abused in only the way us newbies can?
  2. Welcome to the forums! Forget the 2-strokes, get a 4-stroke! :)

    Just get an Across... it has plenty of room before you "over-rev" it! :p
    And it's the best of the 250's :LOL:

    Don't listen to some of the others on this site though, they're just jealous they couldn't get one when they were learning! :twisted: :p
  3. have you ridden before? i'm guessing not by the nature of the question, so i'd definately suggest a 4 stroke. 2 strokes are more powerful, lighter and have a nasty tendancy to be VERY peaky. most 4 strokes have a nice even power curve meaning its a shitload easier to learn on. 4 strokes will also last longer with less maintenance. you wont have to give it a freshen every 10000-15000ks.

    4 strokes are pretty quick these days (by these days, i mean from early 90s onwards) and definately fast enuff to get a new rider in trouble. if you find the power of a 4 stroke restrictive after a few months, maybe then it'd be time to upgrade. dont jump straight on a fast bike, you'll ruin the fun of learning, it really is an awesome adventure :wink:
  4. bwahahahahahahhahahahaha :LOL: :LOL:

    the across is the missing link in the evolution of scooters to real bikes. an important step, but a very shaky one :wink:
  5. It all depends on the bike you get.
    strokers like the aprilia's are VERY peaky and will get you into a lot of trouble if you're not confident in riding, but the NSR has a much smoother power curve.
    strokers are lighter and WAY easier to throw around corners, but you do have to keep worrying about having oil in the reservoir and it's a constant loss system, not like 4-strokes where the oil sits in the sump until you change it or there's a leak.

    2-strokes are also way easier to self-maintain as it's basically, change the spark plug and yr done. They do require rebuilds every 12-15000 k's generally, but aren't that expensive.

    (guess what i learnt on and still have :) )

    Where do you live, i may be able to arrange a stint on a stroker when yr licensed so you can try one out.
  6. what about emission?

    i heard that 2-strokes are smoky. i saw one the other day, it was definitely smoky! and it sounded like.... like a lawn mower :LOL:
  7. yup, 2 strokes will do that. gotta be the most offensive sounding motors around. love that smell though, reminds me of cold early mornings and lots of mud :D
  8. nothing like leaving people behind smelling you oil rich smoke.
  9. Heya,

    I'd say get a four stroke.... However I love the smell of the two strokes :D

    Lisa :twisted: :p