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2 stroke talley

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BruiserMadden, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. are there ANY 2 strokes out there (preferably fully faired and 250, but naked is still good) that aren't ancient and will fit me, a 6'4 beast on them?
    RGV? too small?
    TZR? too small?
    etc etc.
    what do you 2 stroke enthusiasts think?

  2. out of interest why a stroker?

    They are all old now, with the exception of an Aprilia RS250, but a bit on the expensive side probably.

    Otherwise go the RD/RZ350 or 500. Ancient, but a bit more torque.
  3. I'd be wary of buying a 2-stroke 250. If it was a classic/cult bike like an RZ250 that you were planning on keeping then fine, but with LAMs set to be introduced to Victoria you risk getting stuck with something that few people would be willing to buy.
  4. Honda MVX 3 cylinder V shpaed engine, 250 cc water cooled 2 stroke.

    It will eat your mama.

    And if u find mine can i have it back
    50hp lams legal
  5. yeah?! well yo mama so.....oh, sorry :oops: :LOL:
  6. MMmmmmmmm. Two-stroke.


    gibber drool
  7. A guy with a TZ125 GP bike told me he has to do a complete rebuild every 1000kms.
  8. Thats definitely doable if its 1000kms of track work :D
  9. try out the nsr250, def top of the food chain as far as 2strokes go (with a little tinkering)

    size wise you'll have to wait till you have a seat!
  10. for a larger person, you would be mad to go past an rz350. first successful use of the YPVS, plenty of zing, and a little less aggressive riding position. they have full fairing, and farken scream. a well maintained one would SMASH the rgv/nsr/rs250s
    it was common to have an rz250, with a 350 motor innit (for restriction reasons) ;)
  11. 2smoke = small smokey stinky unreliable inconvenient
    Why do you want a 2 smoke?
  12. legal on LAMS? or current vic restrictions?
  13. 'Cos they burp and fart and misbehave and require many sacrifices of pistons, rings and plugs.

    Then they hit 6 grand and go zzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

    Why else? :grin: .
  14. I don't recommend 2-stroke rockets to newbies simply because there are much better bikes to learn on. However, if you are a competent rider, I also recommend a RZ350.

    No, it wouldn't be a learner approved bike. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  15. dont mean to hijack the thread... but i remember my uncle had like three 2-strokes, 1 a suzi 1 a honda 1 i don't remember. and they were like 400 and 500. are those things still kicking around or am i real confused???
  16. I've been thinking about a 250cc 2stroke bike when I finally get enough money to get a second bike.

    Was keen on a 400cc CBR, or ZXR, but you save about $440 per year on green slip if you keep capacity under 300cc.
  17. so why recommend? heh yeah i see your point, it would be great to get a lil rocket like that, but i do want the insurance. Did joel say something about getting a restriction on the engine to make it a 250cc?

    ANYWAY theres this bike on ebay, a Yamaha R1Z 250. Been reading up on it a bit, essential it is a naked TZR 250. This ones got about 27'000 k's, in 'perfect' condition (2 stroke in perfect condition? perhaps not :)) and I can get it for 3k.

    item #220166481758

    heh, if you scroll down to read the questions on the ebay page, you can see i offered 2000. what a tight ass i am.

    what do you think? LAMS coming in I know, but I reckon this one might be overlooked on the ineligible register, and don't mind the 2 stroke maintenance side of things.

    BUT what i want to know is:
    IS getting parts for the regular maintenance on this baby going to be hard as?

    RGV's are too small for me. Naked probably the way to go if i want a 2-stroke. Could this be the one?
  18. Which means it's no more powerful than a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke 250 - or much lighter. The 4-stroke Yamaha FZ250 of the same era put out the same hp and was only 10kg heavier.
  19. thanks jd. guy boasted it was one of fastest 250's around. meh wat can you expect from ebay. guess its the hyosung for me then :)