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2 Stroke Silencers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by RS250GP, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been told to repack my exhaust after about 30-40 hours of riding, is this true? Would I gain more power and better throttle response if I just remove the packing all together or better off yet just replace the systemw ith an arrows or jollymoto? Whats the true hp gain of a system like this?

  2. Not sure about repacking that often. I was told yearly, but that depends on how much u ride. What bikes it for, most stock end cans cant be repacked. Plus i dont thing there would be much of a performance gain, it would flow more freely, but jetting would have to be adjusted.
    A aftermarket system is preferable, got jollys and they produce a fair bit of more power. Dont have dyno results, but i would expect a good 8hp +, and a weight saving of 9kg. Sound nicer too.
  3. Two strokes by their design rely on a cadence wave coming back TOWARDS the engine to scavenge the exhaust port. If you remove the baffling/packing from the pipe, you may well destroy your performance, and, if the mixture leans out as a result, a piston or two as well.
  4. TYGA's are the way to go IMHO. Have a set on my bike and they are great. Plenty more power and over rev (there for more useable power)

    Check out my bike if you wana see what they are like.

    Where you at aswell might even be able to tee up a time for you to see em in person.
  5. every 30-40 hours is unnecessary, as mentioned above once a season is sufficient, however you have to wonder, unless you've owned the bike from new, how many times has it been done? You wont gain a massive difference is hp, but the bike will run smoother and have a less restricted note.