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2 stroke scooter, help please!

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. My brother has a petrol scooter, 50cc two-banger. Its a chepy from asia, and has been sitting in the garage for nine months. We took it to a shop who got it running, but I've got no clue about these engines.
    We replaced the plug, cleaned the air filter, checked the feul tap and feul lines, and seems ok. It initially started OK, ran for about 40 mins, and then turned it off. We tried to start it only 5 mins later, and no luck.

    To get it started again we primed it, used choke and had to put some feul on the tip of the plug. It started up fine with the feul on the plug, and ran for about 5 minutes on choke, 5 minutes off. We gave it some throttle and was OK. The engine then cut out suddenly, and we couldnt get it started.... Now were back to square1, and even feul on the plug wont start it.
    Keeping in mind that we have good spark, and it is pull star only. The feul mixture is right, and the feul is clean.

    Please help me, cos its too crap to spend any money on.

    PS. I hate pocket bikes and piss-ant toy scooters, but at leat he's on 2 wheels.

  2. Can someone please reply... Or at least tell me if youre as dumbfouded as me? This topic has had a few views, but no help. My brother is a sook and wont stop pestering me.
  3. Start with the simple stuff like checking the fuel tap is turned on?
  4. are we talking about a minimoto (pocket bike)
    or some other type of scooter??
  5. The scoot doesnt even have a feul tap, dont worry, its the first place i'd check. (im a little hurt, but it can easily be forgotten) its just a crappy pocket scoot. And you want to know something funny...
    After my process of elimination, and asking if he had done the plugs up ect, I went to take the plug out again and found it wasnt very tight... Screwed it in and whaddya know, bang. Doesnt he feel silly. So do I, I should have checked too. Oh well, thanks anyway.