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2 Stroke Road Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PlaneZRX, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. I'm interrested in conducting a bit of a survey...

    A. How many of the forum members have owned (for a decent ammount of time) a 2 stroke road bike?
    B. What was it and what did you think of the bike?
    Age (of bike or rider) doesn't matter, but test rides and "borrowed a mates" don't count.

  2. I'm a bit of a two-stoke junkie :)

    Yam RD50 = crap....good for a 50 though ;)
    Suzy GP125 = great (used it to take a mini out)
    Honda MBX80 = great (non-restricted and tuned silly)
    Suzy RG 125 = cool (160 KMH downhill with the wind behind it)
    Yam DT125LC Mrk3 = best 125...ever
    Kawk KDX 125 = almost as good as the DT
    Suzy RGV250 = V-fast for a 250, didn't handle that well though due to the fact that it was wearing oversized tyres...Doh!

    I loved all my 2-strokes, the only one that blew-up was the MBX80LC and that was because it was running a big-bore kit, Micron and a Stan Stevens tune.

    I'll prob be selling the ZX6R next year and buying another RGV250 so I can go racing :)
  3. Looks like you and I are the only ex-two stroke owners on here Nova!
    My list is not as extensive as yours, nor as varied...
    85 RZ250R x 2 (I crashed the first one three months after I bought it)
    85 RZ500
    69 T20 Suzuki
    84 RZ250
  4. Owned an 1981 RD350LC for about 4 years...
    It was port & polished, boysen reeds, micron racing chambers...
    I used to ride it to work 100km round trip each day...
    I threw a set of rings and small end bearings in it once....
    It used to wheelie with throttle roll on in third gear (no feathering clutch, revving etc)...
    It would blow off any 1000cc road bike up to about 160kmh....
    It cost me $1000 and I loved it dearly, only sold it after I copped a massive tank slapper cos I got bad tyre advice...

    The VFR I love just a smidgen more but cost me $17000

  5. That would not happen today. I certainly can't see an old bike like that blowing off my BB and no bike ever has to date.
  6. yes, i tend to agree skydon... it would probably be in front up to about 157kmh with the new bikes and probably at least 158kmh with your porky blackbird...
  7. three months i wrote my rz250fn off in three days.
    alady did a u-turn out the front of a pub at nite with
    no headlights,indicators.straight into the side.
    had that bike for three years after that [once repaired]
    it never missed a beat. also mates rd350lc with clip-ons
    my brother currently has a 84rz250.so i can still get my
  8. One of my friends has owned a Gilera CX125 for years. Never actually ridden it myself but it allegedly makes my Spada seem rather tame.
  9. Yep, a tuned RGV can put out as much as 70bhp, that's the equivalent of an R1 putting out 280bhp!
  10. T20SS 1964 model suzuki. genuine 105 mph
    RD250LC 1980 model yamaha. clocked at 210 kph 2 up, nice policeman didn't believe his radar gun, and let me off. ( was I gonna argue with him)
    RD250LC 1981 model yamaha. by the time I got this one I'd lost my nerve, to ride little bikes much past 160kph.
    All bloody brilliant motorcycles, but the best was the 1980 model RD
    after that model the governments of the world put the squeeze on yamaha to detune the bike for learners. Bloody good fun and more reliable than some of the four stroke machines of the day.
  11. Good to see some two stroke fans coming out of the woodwork... Anyone else?
  12. Two of my favourite ‘stinkers’, first up is the sexy RS250 and the one that could have been