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2 Stroke: Oils are oils?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by iliketoride, May 14, 2012.

  1. I'm confused.

    I was about to go for a little ride on my first bike the other afternoon of which I have just registered, a rusty but beautiful tiny Kawasaki 2 smoker from the 70s, until I noticed (by looking through the peep window) that it was low on 2 stroke oil.

    It was a Sunday, I had a blistering hangover, and the bike stores were closed so I thought I'd just go to a Repco or a Super Cheap and pick up any old-school rudimentary two-stroke oil since, I figure, anything too modern might not be the go for this old smoker.

    After having the attendant put me in a twist - I don't think this tough and burly lass actually knew what she was talking about but she was pretending to - I ended up with 1 litre of Castrol Activ 2T Jaso FC for the ENGINE LUBE and Castrol 2T Self Mix to BURN AWAY.

    Now, I had a feeling this was wrong, wrong, wrong and I think I was right. So I put the Castrol Activ 2T in the reservoir for the magical rotary valve to mix it with fuel for spark and I left the Self Mix for my Mum's lawnmower.

    So I ask:
    - Castrol Active 2T oil is for the fuel mix to be ignited, yes? I did go for a ride after topping it up and the bike ran better than ever which made me quite paranoid but happy.
    - What oil do I use on the two stroke for LUBRICATION of the moving parts down in the sump area on the right hand side near the rear brake? Opening the rubber cap gives me a view of what appear to be the gearbox, there are cogs and such. I did dip my finger in here and it looked to me to be something like basic engine oil, was tanny/brown colour unlike the mix oil which is bright red.

    I'm still quite confused by this two stroke business but I love this old cheap piece of junk. :)
  2. 2 stroke oil to burn,
    gearbox/transmission oil for the gearbox.

    preferably get from a bike shop (well definetley for the gearbox/clutch... normal stuff will screw up clutch operation) and there are oils, and there are oils.
    evident when you look at the mix ratio. a high qaulity race oil (say motul factory line) will be 60 to 1, a lower qaulity oil will be 40 to 1
    however i have no idea about the oil 2 strokes burn.... well little
  3. Castrol 2T Self Mix is for lawnmowers, chain saws etc.
    What sort of bike is it?
    Do you have a service manual for it? If not, get one.

    You probably use a 2-stroke oil to mix in and a transmission oil which will not burn and will need to be changed but not very regularly.

    Use the Drill Down to enter your bike's details at http://www.datateck.com.au/Lube/PenriteAus/ and it will list what Penrite oils are suitable.
  4. You use 2t oil in the oil tank/tank

    You can just use 4 stroke oil in the gearbox
  5. bel-rays
  6. Still trying to source a manual. I was hoping to find one in PDF form online but no luck yet. I guess I will end up buying a Haynes.

    Thanks for the replies guys. Your answers are what I figured were the case so it's great to be reassured.

    Yes, Castrol 2T Self Mix is indeed for lawnmowers so I wasted $10 on that but I wasn't thinking straight and was getting some very poor information so I just grabbed it - I quickly realised my mistake so it hasn't been used ;). The bike is a 1979 KH100EL. The Castrol 2T Active Jaso FC looks to be for motorcycles so I figure it won't do it no harm even if it isn't the ideal oil. (http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/on...orcycle-Oil-1-Litre.aspx?pid=1105#Description) I'll switch to the recommended after I use up this, or should I drain it?

    Spenaroo, my bike mixes itself at 20:1 I believe using rotary valve induction. And this was set-up not long ago by a mechanic so it should be running fine. No need to mix it in the tank

    I'll be sure to get some good quality gearbox/transmission oil from a bike store.
  7. That Penrite website is very handy!
  8. Seems Bel-Ray thinks my old glorified scooter isn't worth considering... :p
  9. yeah, its what my work stocks (dont know how much longer though, belray swapped suppliers) so its the one we use. plus it lists everything including capacity,

    yeah, pretty common for 2-stroke road bikes to pre-mix. still doesnt hurt to check the ratio as its a general way to judge quality
  10. If it is an oil feed model you need to use a 2t oil that has the burn rate that complies with your feeder. Some 2t oils are good for a 20/1 ratio and others @ 50/1
    Feeders do adjust the ratio so you want an oil around the middle.
  11. Older bikes that run an oil reservoir I would think need an older style 2 stoke oil that would burn at the ratio set by the factory spec at the time via the throttle cable linked to the oil tank.I used to run Castrol TS mineral 2 stroke oil I think in my RD 250 about 30 years ago.2 stroke oil has evolved and I now use Castrol TTS synthetic at a much leaner,probably the wrong term,in a premix style added directly to the fuel in the tank at 40/1 on a more modern dirtbike.Lots of good info at Adventure Rider,Olds Cool section.Its an interesting question so if you get a good answer let us know.