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2 Stroke Oil?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mr_sikma, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    What do you use for your oil injection 2 stroke oil?

    I just bought some Castron TTS!

    What do you think?

  2. Never tried it...I have a Suzuki RGV 250 and have only ever run Motorex fully synthetic oils.
  3. TTS is a pretty nice oil in my experience. Im usually a shell man, but really liked the TTS. I moved up to Castrol Race-2 and boy that stuff was the fo' shizzle. Bike pulled an extra 500-800rpm, started easier, came on the pipe harder and boy did it smell good :) Also much less smoke on cold start-up. Only draw back was the $25 per litre cost. But it was worth it.
  4. Make sure that you DO NOT mix different brands and type of 2 stroke oils. Some oils when mix will turn into jelly and WILL seize your motor.

    So if you plan to use Motul or Castrol TTS make sure you drain the old oil first and stick with the same brand when topping up.

    I use Castrol TTS as I can get it from Big W or Kmart store easily.

    Castrol Race-2 for $25.00 per litre is expensive! The TTS is only $17.00 and you can get it in 4 litre or even 20 litre drums.
  5. Yes it is expensive, but its also worth it. I reckon, according to my seat of the pants dyno, it gave my bike around a 3-5hp boost. My NSR used to stop making power at about 12000rpm. The Race-2 would see it singing out to nearly 13000rpm.

    BTW, you can buy Race-2 in 4 litre containers (and prolly 20lt drums if yoou need to buy 6-12 months worth of oil at a time :)).
  6. Wow an extra 1000rpm now thats handy. Extra 1000rpm overrev is always good.

    Personally for the Aprilia RS250 I'm not sure if I would take a chance to over rev a stock motor without modifications and a few dyno runs.

    Maybe the NSR can handle a bit of overrev?
  7. I've used pretty much all brands - even mixing different brands!!! It still running after 3 yrs.

    But I do noticed that my bike performs better on the Castrol. I keep forgetting when I go to K-mart etc. so just buy whatever is at the servo ...

    I had a bad batch of unlead petrol about 6 months ago so I only used Premium now.
  8. I am a Motul oil dealer in cars, so naturally I tried the Motul 510. Pretty happy with it. Gives it a good kick in the butt. I use premium also.

    I might try some Castrol next time..... see how iti compares.