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2 stroke oil for 1999 Yamaha DT175

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by davey, May 31, 2006.

  1. Which 2stoke oil should I buy for the DT?
    I went to MCA in Sydney the other day and on the motul shelf they had about 5 different grades/types.
    Any thoughts?

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  3. The owner's manual recommends semi-synthetic, I've used the genuine Yamaha stuff (was thrown in with the bike) and almost all of the other brands. Honestly I can't tell any difference.

    I've posted about this before and was recommended not to go with fully synthetic as the older engines don't like it. I'm not sure how much truth there is to this but it's a relatively slow revving, low compression engine, and even Yamaha recommends semi-synthetic at best.

    I wouldn't bother wasting my money on fancy semi-synthetic and especially not fully synthetic. If you're out on a ride and desperate for top up oil (why, oh why do I always go back for yet another lap along that stretch of road/track) I've found mineral oil to work fine.

    I've always continued to use the mineral stuff until I finish the bottle and the only difference I noticed was that really distinctive two stroke smoke smell got even stronger. Maybe a little more smoke but that might just be my imagination.

    If you've got the money and want to give fully synthetic (or even the smokeless stuff) a go let me know how it goes. Honestly I wouldn't worry too much about it. The longer I spend on my DT the more indestructable I find it is. They're freaking great.

    Have fun... just out of interest, what price did you pick yours up for?

  4. I'm a little confused by this and maybe one of our experts could shed some light on it for me. What benefit could there possibly be in using full syth oil in a 2 stroke?

    For a 4 stroke it lasts longer (supposedly) and since it sits in your sump for several thousand Km at a time it makes sence that some prefer it. But in a 2 stroke the oil is burnt away and replenished with each revolution. If it's only going to be there for a fraction of a second, what's the point?
  5. Castrol TTS. I think its full synthetic. Used it in all the 2 strokes I have owned & never had a problem with it in any of them. Did 30,000kms of absolute thrashing & trying to beat to death a DT 125 lc. Used in a late 80's RM125 that got held on the throttle stop for ages untill the piston finally collapsed. YZ125 same treatment. When finally pulled down the engines looked like new inside. Nice clean expansion chambers as well. If your bike runs an autolube setup you may have to lean the metering back a bit if you get excessive smoke. Smells great too :LOL:
  6. Thanks guys.
    I got the DT for 2 I think. Maybe 2500.
    I paid a bit more for it cos it had 1500kms on it.
    It was pretty beat up but the kms feel genuine.
    I wanted the one with the disc brake up front and in blue - that was my criteria.
    It had been crashed a few times (which the guy on ebay never told me about so I was pissed off at first). All I had to do was replace the handlebars, and the rear drum was binding. The rest is ok, not great but ok. I'll put new chain and sprockets on in a month or so.

    With the oil, I think I'll go for semi synthetic and see how it goes.
    I'll just drop into the local bike shop over the weekend and pick some up.
    Regarding smoke, the bike only smokes when cold, and only for a few minutes. It seems to have not been used for a while and is getting better and better as I use it more. Starts easy in the mornings, and glides over sydney's famous pot holes, gravel, speed humps etc. I like it as its so light compared to my monster, and gives me the peace of mind when I park it somewhere dodgy that nobody is going to nick it.
  7. Only the most expensive laboratory manufactured synthetic oil will do for such a fine piece of high performance machinery... :LOL: Sorry, best bet is to go with the owners manual recommendations, never ridden one but I believe they would be a great bike to live with , simple yet 100% fun
  8. That should be perfect. Look at it this way, I have an 80 model 2 stroke scooter (50cc) and simply use the cheapo Valvoline lawnmower 2stroke from the Warehouse. It's about 4 bucks a bottle and the bike runs perfectly. :)
  9. RESPECT to the DT.

    I wonder if I should take it or the monster to the next track day at EC?