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2-stroke Gilera Runner - should I be weary ?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by martych, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I've been looking for a new toy for a while now and have come across a Gilera Runner for a reasonable price with only 15000 km's. Only thing is...it's a 2-stroke.
    I've read that these are fast (same engine as Italjet Dragster ?) but am concerned that parts and reliability issues can be a real problem.
    I owned a 4 stroke Runner about 5 years ago and found the seating position etc, really to my liking, mainly because I'm quite tall. The bike looks clean and tidy and appears not have been dropped or thrashed but how would I really know?
    What do I look for and / or should I just steer well clear?
    Is it true that Gilera are no longer in Australia and that's why parts can be an issue ?
    I'd sure be greatful of any advice . Thanks.

  2. 2-strokers certainly do require more maintenance, but thats the price you have to pay for increased performance relative to engine size.

    as for parts being hard to come by....yes i have heard that also. I dont know how true it is, i mean Gilera is Piaggio and they are big over here. It may weel come more down to how good your local dealer/service guy is.

    As for them leaving OZ, i havent heard that, and i find it unlikely given they have just recently released the new Nexus 500.
  3. Only if you try and keep up with it on foot, marty :LOL: :LOL:

    I presume you meant wary (don't worry about old pedantic dills like me!)???

    Dunno, but duffman, in his usual inimitable style, seems to have summed it up well.....
  4. AFAIK Peter Steven took over Gilera imports from a Sydney based company.

    The few parts I've ever needed I got from the UK in 3 days from www.bobwrightmotorcycles.co.uk and shipping was cheap Royal Mail.
  5. Why with trail bikes or MX bikes do 2 strokes require less maintainence, and 4 stroke require alot more.

    Whats the difference between the road and the dirt bikes ?
  6. i own a gilera runner 2t with 20000 on the clock and still going strong, however it has been recomended to me to tear down the engine after 20000k's to hone and re ring the engine. gilera parts in australia are still available and as far as i know gilera/piaggio/vespa are still in australia. if all else fails there are countless companys in the uk and europe still selling parts brand new.
    if you have any more queries about the runner send me an email at kizza1_@hotmail.com
  7. Parts for the 180 are are avilable from the distributor.

    The engine is capable of being tuned, as i tis the same engine as the Dragster Italjet 160kmh scooter.

    I heard that the 180 will last 6,000km if you ride them hard, and 12,000km if youride them gently.

    A full performance rebuild can cost up to $5,000 if you want the pipe, carb crank, high-compression head and stuff done to it.

    If you want 120kmh performance get the 200 four stroke runner, less maintainance in the long run.
  8. Thanks all.
    I have had a few sleeps on this now and researched a lot of info on the net and from talking (not only to your good selves) but other scooter experts / mechanics and the like. All seem to agree.....if you don't mind spending big bucks every few years and waiting for parts, then the 2-stroke Gilera can be a lot of fun.
    For longevity and practicality though, the general concensus is to steer clear, and that's the advice I'm going to take.
    Thanks again for all the advice.