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2 Stroke Fuel

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kiss_the_future, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. What fuel should i be using in my Aprilia RS 125...unleaded, premium?...does it make a difference?

  2. From this site, the first one I found, it looks as if you'll have compression of around 12.5:1, maybe varying slightly depending on the model year. While there isn't an exact, never fail relationship between the two things if you're running a higher compression such as that you'd want to be running Premium (95 RON) or Ultimate (98 RON) - or whatever they're called at the respective service stations.

    The best guide would your user manual - they designed the bike so I guess they should know. Other RS125 rider's may have had different experiences with different fuels. From the never ending discussions about it (use the search function and you'll find plenty) it's best to avoid Shell unless in an emergency. Though most of these discussions are opinion or facts based on other people's opinions.

    For the same reason as the petrol (higher compression, highly strung engine) you probably want to be using fully synthetic oil as well and keeping a good eye on the general condition of the bike and service schedule. A stitch in time and all that crap...

  3. Just use unleaded , being a small capacity 2 stroke premium wouldn't make a difference , this has been asked be scooter riders a lot , if you want to go for premium that's ok it won't do anything bad and I really doubt it would cost you too much more to fill the tank , I have an NSR 250 and put premium in from time to time.
  4. Having previously owned a two stroke (an RS250) I would recommend RON95 unleaded at the low end. The 98 fuels won't hurt, but you may not get much out of them without changes to the carb setup on your bike. As suggested, do not use Shell - especially optimax. The additives in Shell do nasty things to carbs and the powervalves on your two stroke engine.

    Remember the aprilia (suzuki) two stroke engines are reasonably high stressed beasts and need some regular maintenance and care.

    If your still running the oil pump, remember to keep it topped up. I would recommend Motul 600 either way. Conventional wisdom suggests it keeps the power valves cleaner for longer and it doesnt smoke too much :wink:
  5. Hi,
    I gotta RGV. ITs a two stroke. I have run both optimax and normal. Couldnt tell any difference in performance. Optimax does make the bike smoke more though. But then apparently it is better for your engine.
    I personally just run normal unleaded becasue the marginal benifit compared to price is no existent.
    Have fun on ur 2SToker