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2 Stroke fuel/oil question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by robsalvv, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Hi ya NR.

    I was looking at two stroke oils today for a little two stroke engine I have. Victa have a Formula V two stroke oil which they reckon you only need to use half as much oil. Are they fair dinkum? Or is there something different about Victa 2 strokes which allow them to fuel them with half the oil??

    I've got no 2T experience, so interested to learn some stuff.


  2. If you use too much oil it will be smokey. However, if you use too little the engine will seize and die.

    I know nothing about this new wonder oil but if you want to be sure, start with 25:1 and work your way down till it stops smoking. I don't know how old the engine is or what it's manafacturer recomends so that's the best advice I can come up with. :)
  3. I'm interested to learn about this one also, maybe it has a teflon coated piston, or they are stressing the use of full synthetic oil that can be run at 100:1 rather than 25:1 of mineral oil?
  4. The engine manufacturer of the engine I have recommends running in with a 16:1 fuel mix and then running at 20 - 25:1

    The Victa formula V 2T oil is a valvoline formulation and it says right on the front, makes up twice the amount of fuel... I just downloaded a victa manual for their 2 stroke lawn mower and it says in the manual that the warranty will hold if you use the official high performance oil mixed 50:1... all other oils must be 25:1. That says that the engine isn't anything special, but there's something special about the oil...

    What could be so special that you only need to use half as much?? ...for one thing the oil is BLUE... and can other 2T engines use the oil at 50:1???
  5. Concentrated...High in friction modifiers ..
  6. Our chainsaws run 50:1 there is a huge power increase (obviously) over 25:1 if we run a batch that an "old" bloke mixes because he just doesnt believe in 50:1 :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Trust your instincts, Rob.
  8. Rob said
    Interesting. My brake fluid is blue. Wonder if I can use half as much?
  9. Well, Valvoline had an each way bet. The clear question I asked was whether the special formulation oil was good for all two stroke applications at the touted 50:1

    Me thinks if I buy Victa I'll use it at 50:1... but for the rest, I'll be using manufacturers recommendations.

    Oh Grey... I'm happy for you to experiment with brake fluid on your own 2T engine. Let us know what you find! lol

    Thanks for your advises gents.

    For those wanting to understand the general two stroke cycle better:

    Video: http://videos.howstuffworks.com/user/4729-two-stroke-cycle-engine-video.htm

    Animation: http://science.howstuffworks.com/two-stroke2.htm
  10. Does it matter which gardening glove you put on first?
  11. My bloody oath it does. Always dress to crash your spade.
  12. When you turn the mower, what side do you weight? Always been a concern for me, I've heard that it really makes a difference, but I've still not got the cutter down to the deck yet, so not really sure if these advanced skills are applicable to someone like me?

    Looking for serious responses only though. And certainly not from any of those Gardener brothers. I found their 'help' nothing of the sort.
  13. If you want to keep your gardening gloves in good condition, can you use Dubbin? I've heard it might rot their stitches?
  14. But even before that.
    I'm a noob what glove should I buy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. :LOL:

    Yeh, like thanks for that... :grin:

    Problem is, that in terms of mowing, I don't do gloves... and I follow the CSBS teachings (Cut Shear Bisection School) which teaches that forcing your cutter down on the deck is poor technique. You should aim to keep it about 2" above the deck...

  16. I crashed my new mower on the weekend.

    Going around a tree too fast, hit some oil and had no choice but to lay it down.
  17. Does that mean 'new mower time'???!!!!
  18. Yeah, I rolled the ride on mower a few times as a kid. Always worth a good giggle. :)
  19. The "Hoon Laws" were framed with you in mind, Seany.
  20. back on topic...

    i ran my wippersnipper, and the ol' 2 stroke mower on 66:1 Motul 2T i use to use in the dirtbike. even the leaf blower ran on it.

    with modern oils, 50:1 is not uncommon these days.