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2 Stroke Everyday Care

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Donshe, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, I really know nothing about bikes at all so if I could get even the simplest answers or something to read up on itd be really appreciated.

    I have a late 80's 125cc 2 stroke bike which has extremely low kms. From the little reading Ive done these are the points Ive picked up. So if anyone wants to correct them or add to them it'd be great :)

    - Oil (Needs regular topping up)
    - Fuel (Ive filled it with regular ULP, but should I be using a higher octane fuel?)
    - Chain lubrication- Still need to go to a store to buy some, but how often is this done?

    And thats about all I know :oops:
  2. The list:

    - Oil needs topping up usually once every two times u fill up full. Depends on your riding style :cool:

    - Chain lube every 400 kms (thats with every bike)

    - Use LOW octane sweet juice. I usually use regular unleaded.

    - Give it every now and again :grin: (my fav part)

    Hope it helped! :)
  3. Doesn't hurt with any bike to check that all lights/indicators are working on a regular basis - and don't forget to keep an eye on things like tyre pressures, brake pad wear, brake fluid level, coolant level (if water cooled) etc. Oh and don't forget that the chain will require cleaning from time to time - don't just spray fresh lube over the road crud it's picked up ;).
  4. a good qaulity oil is a must...
  5. Exactly what type of late '80's bike are we talking here? I would tend to be a little bit wary of running regular unleaded in it if it is even remotely close to a higher performance stroker. When the oil is added to the fuel it will lower the octane even more -and on a 2 stroke you have no chance of hearing detonation till the piston has a nicely melted hole in it & the bike grinds to a stop. Not trying to scare you but I would do a bit of research & find out exactly what the manufacturer reccomends. No good any of us just guessing :)
    Keep the air filter clean as well. Carry a spare spark plug too. If your bike is equipped with an exhaust power valve then this may require a clean & adjust from time to time. A new set of rings every now and then doesn't hurt either. Again -the manufacturers recommendation will apply.
  6. Hard to find much manufactureres info on the net at all.

    Bike is a Suzuki RG125 Gamma.

    I have oil in the garage, Castrol something, will find out the name later.
  7. If you can afford it, synthetic oil is supposed to be the shizzle. Much less carbon build up, and more protection.
    I second the HIGHER octane fuel rating.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. As someone else said give it a good rev once in awhile. This will help burn up all the gunk thats been sitting there during low revs
  9. Two things that really helped me with my stroker:

    1. Get the service manual, then you will know what needs to be done when.

    2. Find an enthusiast site (like www.rgv250.co.uk for the RGV) and ask what the common problems/solutions are. They will usually have a FAQ and are a wealth of knowledge.
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  11. thanks a lot mate.

    forgot all abotu this thread. i already had the 125cc forum in my favs but will read it throroughly.

    looking to get my bike serviced now, hasnt had one since new (yes since the late 80's lol)

    what should of things should i be looking for the mechanic to do? spark plugs, clean carby?
  12. Use a fully synthetic oil
    Let it warm up for at least 30 seconds before you actually ride off
    Don't brake on the engine, clutch it in or match the revs.
    Give it a good hard flogging every once in a while (when it is warm, ride easy until the temp comes up)

    If you look after it you shouldn't have any problems. Enjoy the power band! But respect it.
  13. keep and eye on the 2 stroke oil reservoiur (usaly under the seat. dont tlet it hit emty or ur walking home.

    + 1 to keeping a spare spark plug with u.