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2-stroke as everyday bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by summers000, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. Hey just wondering what you people think of a 2-stroke as a daily riden bike? I am asking because i have been riding for about a year now and have about 6 months left of restrictions. My kwaka ZX2R was written off in an accident with a car and now im left with no bike for the best months of the year :(

    Anyway ive seen a few RGV's KR1's and NSR's for around 2 to 3 grand and thought a 2 stroke would be good to buy cause itll have abit more go and i might keep it abit into my restrictions. What are my chances of gettin a decent one for around this pirce?

    Also what are peoples opinions of the RGV KR1 NSR are any of them complete crap or what? which is the best bet? Obviously id love an Aprillia RS250 but they are very expensive :(

    Thanks for any advice people.

    oh and look out for the cars :evil:
  2. well...

    as you love bikes, giving the 2stroker a little more TLC than the normal 4 shouldnt be a problem and considering you have been riding for a while, you are probably ready to handle the chirp of the power ban offered by an nsr and rgv.

    i jumped on mine straight from the letter L and havent looked back!

    as for finding a decent one at a good price... i am not the person to guide you there... my mechanical knowledge is very limited however, im sure some of the other guys and gals will steer you in the right direction soon enough.

    good luck with the search!

  3. Just another quick question what are the main differences between the 2 and 4 stroke?
    From what i know u need to take more time to warm up a 2 stroke?
    obviously u gota keep the fuel oil topped up?
    um what else is there maintenece wise?
    Also how difficult are rebuilds? I have a fair bit of mechanical knowledge and do most things myself. So is it really that complicated? or just a pain in the ass?
  4. Let me put it this way. I would rather slip a new set of rings in a stroker every 20,000 kays than shim the valve clearances & balance the carbies at the same intervals on a V4 Honda any day (and I own 2 of them :roll: ). Not to mention oil & filter changes every 5-6000. Use good quality synthetic 2 stroke oil, keep the air filter clean & your stroker will live a long & happy life. Oh -and you have to give them a bit of a flogging :evil: . They don't like pottering around town out of the power band for too long. But personally I think of that as a bonus :LOL: :LOL:
  5. One thing you gotta look out for is the older model 2-3grand 2 strokes. The rebuilds are easy if you're doing pistons and rings but but if you got something like my brothers NSR250 you're in for a big money sink.

    The NSR that we rebuilt has been dusting away in the garage for a while now. The thing kept on stalling, rebuild it, thinking it would solve the problem, as the rings, seals and pistons were stuffed but we ended up doing a crank seal test and to our luck the middle crank seal was stuffed too. With NSRs you have to buy a whole new crank as its a 1 piece. Thats almost like $2000 for a new one, hence why its gathering dust in the garage atm :) . Just be real careful, and gets something with a decent motor, that hasn't been raced. A lot of the strokers are just plain trashed, and not taken care of. Good luck

  6. So mag, how did the bearing & seal get to the middle of the crank in the first place? Did they happen to just grow there? Just curious.
  7. As in the post b4... if you are mechanicaly minded a rebuild on a 2 stroke is easy to do.. I would sugest a RGV as I belive they are the easiest.. if not than at least they have heap or write ups on the net how to rebuild the.

    At this time of the year you will be strugling to pick one in good condition for 2-3K... but June-July is the best time to buy them... I have seen them go for as little as 2k in top noch '96 models... Also an engine for them is about $1700 and about as much to pay for a rebuild...

    I have been told to stay away from KR1...
  8. Hehe, manufacturing process I guess. Its a 1 piece cranker. All i know is, you gotta replace the whole thing if it goes. You can get custom ones, there were some bing shipped from thailand for cheaper. Not sure, but I think the rgv's don't have this problem and the cranks are rebuildable
  9. I know it sucks to be looking for a bike this time of the year with the good weather and all but has anyone seen or know of someone selling a decent RGV in the 2 to 3 grand price range? NSR's and KR1's also considered but i really want an RGV :)
  10. Hey there mag. You wouldn't happen to have any photo's of said crank would you? I just find it very hard to believe there is no way to strip the crank. Just curious again :D
  11. Curious guy aren't you Roarin :p . Don't have any pics myself, but heres a site I think: http://www.dreamgate.ne.jp/nsr/Project NSR/NSR500/500_part3maim.html

    You definitely can't strip the crank down and change the seals... would have been riding a nsr250 a year ago if that was the case. There are no seal kits avaliable for it, and Honda only sell it as a whole. We were going to get a custom crank from Thailand for around $800, but lost interest. On the other hand RGVs don't have this problem.. you can rebuild their cranks as they have kits for them.

  12. That's the only shit thing about the NSR, but people have rebuilt the crank by splitting it and rewelding it.

    Dietmar Schulz sells genuiune OEM Koyo replacement main bearings for the NSR.

    If your looking for an NSR, go for the MC21 or MC28. Honda still produce spare parts for them - which can be easily sourced if you know where to look and know how to use the internet and email!

    Here is a new genuine Honda OEM crankshaft for the NSR250.
  13. i prefer 4 stroke cos i dont need to mix fuel
  14. I don't have to either on my 2 stroke
  15. I ride mine everday :D ...and no oil mixing GMAN. Most 2 Strokers have a reservoir that automatically mixes the oil with the fuel as you ride :wink:

    Check this link out for mor info on 2 Strokers and RGV's


    You can find pics under the photo gallery section too
    Cool bikes/Suzuki/Slider
  16. My NSR150 was a great bike - had an inbuilt oil mixer as well so no mixing oil and petrol!

    Had to be revved hard - very hard - and don't even think about a light'n takeoff from the lights. Once it got going though it had heaps of grunt - then the big push at about 8000rpm........

    Kick start was annoying - had to warm it up for AT LEAST 3 mins or else it would simply not idle - and this was after a tune from a pro!

    Once warm though one kick would start it every time - even if left standing for a few hours!

    Vibration was annoying - kind of like holding onto a jack-hammer all day and then ending up having numb hands!