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2 Stroke 250's, some q's (please help!)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by baru, May 4, 2008.

  1. I am considering purchasing my first bike (road registered) very soon, i have found one that fits me (finally), however a few things that i am worried about if anyone could help me out...

    1. Rideability:

    I have heard that 2 strokes, can be a dog at low rpm not being in the 'power-band', are they really that bad, ?? Most of my riding will be around town / hills, i have my car for long trips and such but are they simply too much in city traffic ??

    2. Maintenance :

    They have to have a top end rebuild every 20,000 km's or so? (how much would this cost roughly??), they also use alot of oil being 2 stroke and use more fuel. ?

    3. Cold starts (/kick starts)

    Are they generally 'hard' to start ? especially with winter coming up and having some very cold mornings is this going to be a major trouble ?, and with being kick start instead of say electric start like most of the other 250cc bikes. ?..

    Any info you could give would be awesome, The bike i am looking at is an RGV - 250,

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
    PS. Don't say buy a cbr/across or something else because i don't fit on them :(

    (Also I have been searching for ages, but getting conflicting answers so thought it would be
    easier to make a post and get it from the horses mouth.)

    Regards Zach,
  2. I would seriously advise against anyone getting an RGV 250 as a first bike baru. They are a beast to tame and not for the novice or faint hearted. All the power is in the upper rev range and when it hits you had better hang on. They tend to bog down a bit at lower revs as well.

    They are also reknowned for tank slappers when pushed hard. It's also not the sort of bike that enjoys commuting but is in its element on the track, in the right hands.

    Yes they do tend to use a bit more fuel and require more maintenance. Mainly oil and filter changes and checking valve clearances. Most of this though you should be able to do yourself with a workshop manual.

    As far as the engine rebuild at 20000 is concerned , maybe someone elso can help.
  3. Ok, from what I have learnt from my friend riding an RGV, and the tales he tells, is that:

    Starting it is not a real issue, but letting the engine warm up is, they run really poorly until they have a bit of heat in them, he lets his warm up for around 3-5 minutes before he takes it out on the road, as otherwise he says that there is no throttle response.

    I haven't heard him biatch about fuel or oil consumption - and he does enjoy the odd biatch, so I doubt that it would be overly high.

    one thing to be aware of is that the RGV will not be a LAMs approved bike.
    but the bonus is that 2stroke smells good.
  4. :?: :)
  5. Sounds like a strange list for a 2stroke bike. :shock:

    They are lubricated by the 2stroke oil in the fuel so no oil/filter to change. They also have ports rather than valves so that shouldn't be an issue either.
  6. lol

    yeh i know, hopefully resell wont be 'too' bad, i mean all bikes lose value, the price of the bike in other states (that has LAMS) does not seem to be too bad, but then again most RGV250's for sale (on bikesales) are for sale in vic, so yeh.

    Main thing thats worrying me is reliability breaking down ect (had enough of that with my silvia) and how it rides in the lower rev range, like doesn't have to be a rocket, but i don't want to have to sit @ 8+ k while driving in the centre of town lol.
  7. Yeah, I'm sorry to tell you that an RGV is *really* not suited to the things you plan to use a bike for - in fact, if you made a list of 'things RGVs suck at' and lined it up with your 'things I want my bike to do...' list...

    Keep looking mate, the perfect bike for you will come along soon.

    Have you checked out the Spada? (I know, everyone around here is rolling their eyes that I brought it up!) I'm not a small bloke and was very comfortable on mine, and it was utterly reliable and loved pootling along in traffic when necessary.

    Edit 1: Or, at the money you're looking at, a VTR, or, if you're dead set on a faired bike, a ZZR - bigger than the ones you say you don't fit - or an Across.

    Edit 2: And maybe check out tinyurl.com or other ways of fixing that long link that breaks the forum.
  8. If you're willing to go through the trials and tribulations of an imported vehicle: The Hornet 250 is probably physically the largest 250 around for tall riders. Expensive (CBR250RR money) to insure, though.

    Also followed closely by the (dare I say it) Hyosung GT250R.

    VTR250 and ZZR250 are reasonable for tall people like me too.
  9. Yeh i have been looking at the VTR, only thing is the price that and i was sorta keen on a bike with fairings and a more agressive seat guess that can wait till i upgrade.

    2 (VTR's) where i live both 6-6.5k each, 06/07 models, one has 3xxx km's other as 9xxx km's. And 2 RGV's, one pretty crap, 2.5k (no reg no rwc) other one 4.5k pretty immac,(no reg but rwc.)

    Guess im going the VTR they are still fun right ? :D

    I deleted the link, i tryed to like hyperlink it or whatever its called so you could click and it would open the link without having to put the entire link in the post, but this forum doesn't support it or something.
  10. i my self have only riden a RGV since getting my licence last October, & commute most days to work on it dont realy have a real big problem with low revs although not as responsive as a 4 stroke but between 4 - 6'K rpm its a tat slow or just kick it down a gear or two.
    If your one to do your own mechanical repairs it want be hard to do work on yourself.
    with lams as long as you have L's be4 lams comes in your right
    cold mornings i just choke 2 kicks, starts, choke off :grin:
    went on the anzac day ride went well most of the time $1-$1.40 & i never got into 6th
    if you have licence or(learners) ask to take it for a spin only you can tell if its going to be ok
    i recon its awsome :LOL:
  11. Thanks for having a go at the link. The simplest and preferred method here is:

    {url=http://www.longassurl.com/blahblahspoonsblahblahswordfish/}Something short and pithy{/url}

    Replace the curly brackets in my example with square brackets and Bob's yer mother's brother.
  12. And yeah, VTRs are a heap of fun!
  13. My bad.... was thinking singles.
  14. you werent completely wrong.
    the rgv has powervalves, that have clearances that need to be checked :cool:
    here's my old girl
  15. Wow. I remember when the Pepsi model was the dream of every young kid. They're still a good looking bike today.
  16. it was my Learner bike, even though the NSW RTA outlawed them as such :twisted:
    let the flaming begin :rofl:
  17. how did you find it ?

    I am still torn as to which way to go,
    one member on here has given me alot of good info (thanks phil),

    maybe if i see if he will let me have a test ride.
  18. I love RGV's. Got 2. For the record, I rode many 2t dirt bikes when young, so thats why the rgv appealed to me.

    To answer the OP questions.

    1. I puttered around at low revs all the time. Like the bike wont die if u ride it a few kms under 5k. The funny thing is, after those low rev km, give it some stick and u disappear into the clouds. :LOL: :LOL: I personally didnt mind doing a bit of a commute, but the twisties was where the fun begins. Bike isnt good for long tours, not enough fuel capacity range, but its a hoot while the fuel lasts. Powerband is fun, but heaps better once u do some modification (pipes, porting, etc).

    2. For a road Rgv this is what i do. Top end every 10kms(pistons rings, small end bearing,gaskets). Cost Parts $350, Easy peasy afternoon job. Bottom end, 30,000kms. Cost for a rebuilt crank $500 +labour ?? (i do it myself)
    2ts do burn a bit of fuel, especially if ur in the powerband. Oil well its around the same cost as doing a 4t every 5000kms.

    3. Cold starts, are not really a problem. as long as the bike is well maintained, and the carbs are set right. If u dont like kicking just give it a push start, very easy on a 2T.

    Rgvs are awsome. They produce alot of power for such small capacity, Light,many mods are available, INSANLY quick with a good rider. Awsome brakes, great handling. Look modern Great trackbike/twisty bike. Parts are not very expensive, quite easy to DIY maintain.

    Ohhh yeah pepsi look good. I do like the lucky strike models though.

    I personally believe that a 2t isnt a bad first bike. Although the statistics show the contrary. Like anybike, if ur heavy on the throttle and are silly, then ur gonna get urself in trouble.
  19. RGVs or any stroker are good if you respect the bike. Learn where the powerband is and know how it kicks in and it will save yourself a lot of grief.

    If you're mainly doing city cruising, change your spark plug (up or down a heat range?) and check your power valves regularly.

    Be prepared to do the maintenance yourself to save some cash, if you have the mechanical ability and you're willing to learn.

    It's strange that you say other bikes don't fit you well but the RGV fits you. Most people will fit onto other bikes better! :p Is it just a psychological thing (I want an RGV and you're trying to convince yourself?)

    Good luck on the hunt.

  20. Nah its not that at all, its basically the only bike with fairings that my legs actually go where they are ment to, without having the very end of my toes on the pegs to do so,

    i always wanted a CRB250, so if anything i would try to convice myself i fit that, but its just not the case.

    Also about respecting the bike i understand that, I am not a 'hero' trying to speed everywhere and do dumb stuff, i don't want to end up a statistic its not the powerband that worries me (i have a turbo car) for some reason i was under the impression that you couldn't drive it at low < 6k rpm without it dying or something.

    Thanks for all the responses :)