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2 stroke 250cc's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Luke, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. I've been riding for a few months now and have probably 5,000 k's under my belt (Honda VTR250). Recently I started looking at some 2-strokes (RS250, NSR250, RGV250). I test rode an RS250 on the weekend and damnn I want one!

    A few people however have warned me off them, not so much because of the maintenance aspect etc, but more because "they're dangerous" for inexperienced riders/hard to ride etc.

    Since test riding, I can see where they are coming from - the bike is in a different league to any other 4 stroke 250 and the way the power comes on is different to a 4 stroke too.

    What are everyone's thoughts on this (and even just generally on owning a 2 stroke e.g. any less practical than a 4 stroke)?
  2. They were never intended as a learner bike - they're simply a race-bike with blinkers. May as well wait till you can buy a 600 - you'll get a similar level of power without the hassles of a 2-stroke. Besides, with 2-stroke 250s having now been banned in both NSW and VIC their value is likely to drop dramatically over the next few years.
  3. I wouldn't touch one the increased running cost is not worth it. If you want a 230 race, fine. But for normal use stick with a 4 stroke.
  4. Yeh i agree with the rest,

    2 stroke = Hassles :LOL:

    Unless you're good with maintainence and are interested in thrashing that little beastie around the track, i'd suggest staying away.

    If you're hearts set on it though, not much we here can do to stop you. :wink:
  5. 250 2 strokes are not lams so you can ride it if you are restricted.

    But they are great fun to ride IF you are willing to get your hands dirty. they require regular maintenance. if you can/happy to do that, AND you are not on restrictions, sure go get it.

    2 smokers are great fun
  6. I'm in Queensland, so 2-strokes are all nice and legal on a restricted licence :p .

    The maintenance aspect of it actually interests me. I kind of want a bike where there is more to do than clean and lube the chain once a week and make sure all fluids are topped up!

    I might think about it for a little bit and do a bit more reading on the required maintenance etc before jumping in.

    Thanks all.
  7. i hate riding behind 2 strokes, bloody get high on the fumes
  8. <-- I have had a two stroke for 18 months and have found the maintenance to be a piece of piss. I just did a top end rebuild on Saturday. Good fun :grin:

    And yep, riding behind one ain't fun, my mate was getting a headache after a couple of 12 hour days behind me.

    Basically the bikes are SUPER fun to ride, and if you enjoy working on a bike, not hard to maintain.

    I can also guarantee that people will tell you they are really expensive to run and the maintenance will kill you and they are crap commuters. Most of these people will never have ridden one. I need 1L of two stroke oil every ~1000ks or so which bumps the running costs up a little. It's also not as frugal on fuel as a four stroke (though you should compare them with larger capacity 4 strokes). I commuted on mine every day and it suited it really well for me -> especially as mine particular one is very narrow.

    But it is still important to get the bike that suits you. If you don't wanna touch the bike yourself, don't get one. If you want power at idle, don't get one. If you want to do heaps of lazy touring, another bike would be better suited, though you can do it (I tour on mine :grin: ) If you want a fun bike that you rev out, is very normally very nimble and wanna do simple work on it yourself, go nuts :twisted:
  9. ...buy a CBR250RR. :p
  10. Pfffft. OR you could buy a newer bike, with less ks, simpler engine, be different to the masses and STILL be able to beat CBR250rrrrrs! :p :LOL:
  11. Now you're suggesting a motard? :wink:
  12. Um....mine has pretty colours? sorry-3.
  13. My point was that if you want something new, simple and faster than a CBR250 then a DRZ400 or XT660 is going to be cheaper/better than a lot of the RS/RGV250s out there.
  14. Yeah, but equally as valid is the point that some people don't want a DRZ400 or XT660. I'm pointing out the plusses and minuses. He's obviously a bit keen on 2 smokers.

    The smartest bike for all of us was probly a CB250 but we didn't all get those, did we?

    And anyway - my bike is the best damn bike that has ever existed in the WHOLE WORLD!!! cheerleader-108. clown-064. cheerleader-108.

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  15. If he was that keen on 2-stroke he would have just bought one :p.

    There's nothing inherently wrong with 2-stroke, after all that used to be the norm for bike engines (and if I ever see an RZ350 for sale in good condition I'll buy it). The more modern race-replica 2-strokes however, which sacrificed all for maximum power to try and compete with 4-strokes for sales, are not something I'd recommend if it's to be used as your main form of transport.

    I also wouldn't recommend one to someone with only 5,000kms experience - that's usually just enough to think you know what you're doing, which is just asking for trouble if combined with something like an RS250. And yes I know there are exceptions, but the crash stats are loaded with 2-stroke 250 riders I'm sure thought they were totally capable of handling the bike.
  16. with a quote like that it cant be wrong

    but yes it does have pretty colours
    i would love to have one, but no money and no previous experience on bikes. but thats just a ridiculously optimistic hope.

    please dont flame me
  17. I'm in Queensland so I can't get anything bigger than a 250cc here. So if I want more than 30hp it has to be a 2 stroke.

    We are a bit backward up here.
  18. You can get 40-45hp with a 4-stroke 250.
  19. Hell i didn't even need a two stroke two fifty to add to the stats! :LOL:

    and booya to the motard call!!!!

    I wish I knew how awesome they were back when i started riding. Ã would've got one straight off the bat!
  20. Just do it. Don't listen to the wimps. I had a Bandit 250(40Hp 4stroke) and have recently bought an RS250. Absolutely love it. Such an awesome bike, not just the extra power, but the vastly superior chassis and suspension. Handling is amazing, so much fun to ride. Good rider can easily keep pace with(or beat lol) the bigger bikes through the corners. In fact, you wont really find much that is quicker through the twisties or more fun to ride.

    Ive been riding(road bikes) approx 10 months now. Im no GP racer, but i consider myself a pretty capable rider, i find the RS alot more confidence inspiring, prehaps even easier to ride fast. Low/forward bars, higher/further back rear sets, much more "natural" body positioning for faster riding.

    There is a bit of extra running costs involved - it uses a fair bit more fuel, and good 2 stroke oil is about $25-30/Litre, which doesn't go far either. basic maintenance needs to be more regular(but you can do it yourself.) and a top-end rebuild needs to be completed every ~20,000kms, but this is pretty easy as well, and not too expensive.

    I think they're good bikes, definitely fun to ride, and as long as you're not a lazy ass they are easy to maintain and rewarding to own.