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2 Stroke 250 Q's?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ZXRpilot, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Thinking of getting an rgv250 or nsr250 and would like to know what they're like on fuel? How bigs the tank, how many Km's to a tank, etc.
    Also how much oil does each tank use and does it mix itself in or do i hav to mix it?
    What does a top end rebuild cost? From a shop or just performing it by yourself.
    How often should this be done?
    How much for a bottom end rebuild and how often?
    Thanks in advance

  2. You're probably better off putting up with the zxr for the remainder of your probationary period. Then just stepping up to the 600 4 stroke.
    Most of the 2 stroke around (particularly RGV and NSR) are very long in the tooth. They're getting to the age when bottom end rebuilds are likely and this means big dollars. Several thousand in fact.
    Bargains can still be had but unless you know exactly what to look for you can quite easily buy a complete lemon.
  3. Yer, its either another roadbike (2 stroke) or a dirt bike, I want something I can learn alot more on and the zxr just can't do that for me.
  4. If your trying to find ways to make your 250 interesting until you get off restrictions then i'd suggest starting by dropping 2 teeth off the front sprocket. If/when you get bored of that, add another 3 or so to the rear.

    When the dopey grinning goes away and your bored of pulling mono's on a 250 and stepping the rear our by snapping the throttle mid corner - then it's time to contemplate an upgrade... either a cheapo RGV 'toy' or a big bore streetfighter 'toy'.
  5. There's always more to learn on any bike. ;)
  6. Yer there is but not the same kinda things I could learn on a dirt bike.
    Or something with less weight and a peaky power band.
  7. Back in the late 80's to the about 93 i ran RG 250s WE and WD pre RGV.

    They where weapons i would usually start by ordering formula three barrels from stan stevens in the uk and mod the stock expansion chambers myself keeping the suzuki stampings the head i would machine up myself to get the compression to what i wanted.

    I would bank on a crank lasting two years and the pistons and barrels lasting one year. gearing would be selected after the dyno run to get either top end speed of Accel ( ususally a set for around town and a set for the longer runs etc)

    Fuel consumption was always a direct correlation of the accel a tank would filter through in 140 to 190 ks 12 L capacity and premix using the stock injection pump approx 500-600 ks for a litre

    Costs for a rebuild where not that bad pistons and rings approx $200
    Barrel rebore and hone $50 bucks a pot note NOT Nikasil lined local
    Crank rebuild about 800 to 1200 depends who did it
    Barrels modified from stan stevens approx $240 to $360 for stage 1 2 or 3 current price plus freight there and back

    This gave me on the DYNO an engine that would run to 55-58 rear wheel horse power all day and a 3000 rpm wide power band top speed it would run to was about 230-240 ks but redline was at 10k and i must admit the engine did not hit the wall until 12 k

    I rode my RG's long after my probationary period had ended and also had other bikes as well 750 and 1000 but nothing could beat that stink wheel accross the westgate in peak hour so so light and flickable with a power band that would pull away from a 1000-1100 three bike lengths jump on power band and absolutly a giant killer in the twisties ie ocean road before all the speed limits

    I am still scanning the papers from time to time to see if an RG comes up again to add to the stable still got some bits under the bench that i could not get rid of
  8. Mate has a rgv250 gamma, he rebuilds every 10,000 k, and starts lookin for juice at 120km (going off ride experience with him, although maybe he is just a petrol panicker, think Ive heard him mention 160km range before) His oil mixes itself, its in a tank under the seat.
  9. 2 Strokes are awesome bikes, awesome fun and not nearly as bad as what many people make them out to be. My NSR needed rebuilding about every 30000-40000ks depending on how i rode/maintained it. Fuel consumption was a tiny bit better than my current bike (CBR900rr). I got about 190ks out of a 14 litre tank. So for a 250 it was a little thirsty, but still good. If you get the chance by all means get yourself a 2 stroke. You wont regret it.
  10. Ditto what cowboy says.. and add to that if you learn to ride one properly you'll ride rings around alot of the bigger bikes.