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2 seater Ducati at MOTOGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by tenacious, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Did anyone see that Ducati 2 seater MOTOGP bike (I think) that was doing the test rides at the GP. The passengers on the back had to hunch up so badly they were almost in a foetal position!!!

    Suddenly the riding position of my bike doesn't seem so bad at all .........

  2. Yeah saw that, that would have been awesome. They weren't just cruising along they were going very very fast.
  3. Saw it, too. Was on Ch10. The journo wasn't allowed to move around or anything. He looked like he was just stuck behind the rider, checking out the texture of his leathers.

    I've seen people go two-up on a social track day. Both rider AND pillion worked together. Much more fun IMO.
  4. Randy Mamola was the rider, they were taking selected celebs and promotional winners out for rides on the back of the 990 duke. This 2 seater has been around for a while now and Randy was an awesome rider in his day. Also quite quick. The standing lap with Cameron McConville was a 1.51 and the flying lap was a 1.43. Cameron had never been pillion before.
  5. You don't want pillions flapping around on a MotoGP bike... Did you note the handlebars for the pillion? Stops him going over the top, I guess...

    I'd love to give it a go - I reckon I'd learn more about racing in 5 laps with Mamola than I will all year puttering around on my racebike... Scary though.
  6. Put that into perspective for me cejay, what sort of times do the local superbike guys do around PI?
  7. The local Superbike guys will do somewhere between 1:33 and 1.40. Jamie Stauffer did a 1.33 in 2006.

    A 1.43 with a pillion is pretty good me thinks. Be berluddy scary and hilarious at the same time.
  8. I was watching them on turn 2, bike was really loud, Randy is grouse ,he used to do the best burnouts after a race. He was a real crowd pleaser. If I was on the back of that bike I wouldve poopied my pants.
  9. Yep:

  10. apparently, the rider of Cameron Mconnivilles bike was Randy De punit, Randy was an idol to Cameron, they asked him to ride, he said yes.

  11. i doubt kawasaki would have let de puniet ride a duc. and by doing so, he also would have got more tracktime than the other riders - unfair advantage. i think its a case of people getting their randys mixed up...
  12. I know a few girls who would love to get mixed up with Randy DePuniet...hey Boo?
  13. The local Superbike guys will do somewhere between 1:33 and 1.40. Jamie Stauffer did a 1.33 in 2006.

    Peoples, have you ever been on the the back of a finely tuned, powerful sportsbike with a current or ex superbike racer?

    Well I have, quite a few times too many and I can tell you it is bloody uncomfortable, mighty scary and not much fun at all, in fact you do not see a thing, even if the scenery is beautiful and you are going through the very best twisties in the whole world, because of the position you are in on the pillion, all you can see is the riders back.

    So in our house now, it is absolutely mandatory that the new powerful sportsbike was purchased as a SINGLE SEATER

    Long live Massimo Tamburini
  14. The two seater Ducati was there last year, can't remember if it made it onto the track though, possibly another casualty of the fog that descended on raceday causing delays. The riders parade was another of those. Prior to that they used a two seater that was a former race bike of Abe's (If I remember correctly)
  15. Either way, Cameron McConville is a damn lucky man. I would have loved to reached 300kmh on the back of that thing.