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2 Questions for the admins!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bond Girl, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. How come so many newbies don't have their locations stated makes it hard for Glen to invite them to coffee!

    Also was wondering how the ratio of male to female riders on the forum stacks up!

    Just curious!
  2. Location isn't mandatory, and sex isn't recorded.
  3. Well I can you that there are quite a few near Butt F$%k Idaho :LOL:
  4. yes. could some one pls inform the newbies on coffee night and its location pls :x please post next coffee night to my pm. thank you :D
  5. I'd put up a poll to find out if I knew how!
  6. Top of the thread in Gen Discussion, it's a sticky includes map! All welcome!
  7. Go for it BG, you post to every other thread, why not start a few more of your own :roll: :)
  8. thanx bond girl didnt want to touch a sticky with out knowing what was in it
  9. FYI it's a sticky on the Ride/Announcement section, not the General Discussion.

    Has nobody ever heard of search?? Nor of cut and paste? :roll:
  10. Don't know how! Told you I'm blonde! lol!
  11. What does hair colour have to do with knowing how to put up new threads? :?

    Hey I believe Mike is blonde. According to your logic...

    BG is blonde.
    Blonde = dumb.
    Mike is blonde
    therefore Mike is dumb??

    Sorry Mike I just used you, cause I can get away with it :LOL:
  12. Bondgirl wrote
    How many times do we have to read the same thing over and over.
  13. carefull about postin the map an directions you might get another coffee addict join in lol i will be in melb for xmas an new year to catch up with my bro out at craigieburn
    hey i'm a lurker dont tell the cops i got in trouble for that last yr oops shouldnt have said that :LOL:
  14. before you come in , do a quick withdrawl from the cragieburn mint for me and bring it in for us :LOL:
    $300,000 would be nice , small unmarked bills preferably :LOL: