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2 points left on my licence/2 years before any are renewed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. i have been caught in bloody cages more than i have on my bike speeding in stupid areas like 60 in a 50 and 70 in a 60,oh and there was the 80 in a 60 but all in all i have tried to drive /ride within the limits and the only time i have been caught has been either back streets or by a speed camera,so i ask the question how long can i hold onto 2 points.i think not very long :roll: :?: :!: :evil: :mad:

  2. and ou tell the world about it :roll:
  3. You've answered your own question, Mark, sorry.
  4. Yeah it will be a slow 2 years i had to survive on 1 point for quite some time and i found the most frustrating thing was people up my ass all the time as i thought nope i aint goin to give into them .Maybe put a note on rear window of cage no points left get of my ass :grin:
  5. if you do all the righ things you will hold on to 2 points forever.. but you have ask yourself, can you do that ??? :)
  6. not long .... but dont get me fired up about speed cameras :)) ... you could try a "different tilt" on the darwin dudes ........................

    piss in their speed cameras
  7. Obviously you didn't learn your lesson after losing the first few points, you're really going to have to adjust your driving/riding (at least for the next couple of years) if you want to avoid walking.
  8. Oh yes I've been there... teetering on the brink, with 1 point left :roll:
    Nowadays I'm much more comfortable with almost full points. It does take a change of attitude, and a period of penance, though.
    First off, you have to take the attitude that points are precious and you aren't going to give them away with pointless mistakes - especially when you aren't even having fun, like commuting in the car.
    Secondly, if it's mostly in the car, is it the kind of car that goads you into a blat even when you shouldn't? If so, you might need to change it for something that you can be a bit calmer in (at least for a while).
    Thirdly, do you have someone who is willing to take the rap (and the points) for you if the worst happens? It's a big ask, especially if it isn't a spouse, so it's a bit of a last resort.
    Lastly, accept that the fun is over for a while and just hang in there until you are back to full strength before any more indulgence. Best o' luck.
  9. When you get pulled over you can't do much about it, but if you get a ticket in the mail that's when you ask a friend/wife/relative to kindly take a points hit for you but you'll pay the fine of course.
  10. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13528&start=0

    Yeah, sure you try. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Two words could fix the problem mate..... Cruise control. Of corse some would say the upmost of attention and care will give the same results. Tomorrow I'll be hopefull buying the first car I've owns with CC but then I've also never had a speeding ticket. Hardly surprising given that I drive like a grandma.

    My waffle ponts me to the answer once again friend. Drive like a grandma and you'll keep your points. Up it to driving like a girl's blouse and you don't stand a chance. :LOL:
  11. Here's a gem pulled from aforementioned thread

    So how is that feeling Mark, being on the verge of losing your licence?

    The speed limit is ridiculously political though...I've been back on the road less than a week and whenever I'm sitting on the limit I get cars up my arse or passing me... :roll:

    I bet if I was on a cop bike I would notice a difference, which goes to show people care about money more than safety.
  12. thankyou kurtis for bringing that up ,realy stupid thing to type when you look at it later,anyway i will be slowing down for a long time
  13. Yes, judicious use of cruise control in the cage, if that's where you are mostly being fined.
  14. Ah yes, demerit points. Just got off the phone from Vicroads, my licence is now clear. Zero points. As of yesterday. Despite owning the Sprint for 8 months now. Just thought I'd share that, have a good day everyone!

  15. Well, I'd rather be speeding and get caught instead of keeping to the limit and get caught anyway ...

    If eventually the mail comes I could say "I'm still glad was not done for those 200s" :p

    I still have my full points btw, so I've been a good boy.
  16. You would be better off loosing another 2 points and then taking the 3 month suspension. 3 months later, full points again. viola :)

    Not exactly poilitically correct but who cares!!!!


  17. Wouldn't that seriously affect your insurance?
  18. thats not a bad idea actually, but yeah insurance would go through the roof!

    anyway as for speed, there's plenty of 70, 80 & 90 zones around where I live so if I feel the need for a quick blast I can do it without getting too much attention :grin:

    Knowing that I'm quite happy cruising around the 60 zones during the week, of course weekends are for open roads and twisties :wink:
  19. Definately palm off any future camera offences - pay the fine but give the points to your grandma.

    and I love the idea of the "NO POINTS LEFT, OVERTAKE OR GET OFF ME ARSE" sign, that's pure gold! I reckon I'd give you a thumbs-up as I sailed past!
  20. Got my drivers licence in September 1982 and have lost a grand total of 2 points :p

    One by a camera & the other being pulled over, mind you I've been VERY lucky on countless occasions over the years.