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2-piece or 1-piece

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by maitri, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Hi there
    I am trying to decide between a Dainese 1-piece and a 2-piece suit. I intend to do track days at a later date so I want very good protection.

    I have heard that it takes 20 minutes to get into a 1-piece - is this true? Can the wearer unzip a 1-piece and drape it down the back when they're not riding, to cool down, or does the whole thing have to come off.

    Which is the most practical option? Which is the safest option?

    Thank you for your advice.

  2. No. Yes.

    One piece isn't terribly practical for road riding, although there are people who do.

    Two piece provides sufficient protection that MA sanctions them for racing, so, in practical terms, it's OK for track day use.

    Other countries (UK springs to mind) don't/didn't allow 2-pieces for track use. If Oz goes down this route, you'd have to buy a 1-piece anyway.

    I don't generally wear full leathers on the road, so I went 1-piece for track use.
  3. 1 piece is only good for the track, whereas a 2 piece is good for both track and road.
    That is if you're planning on wearing leathers on the road. But then being fully armoured up on the track and not the road = fail.

    So i vote 2 piece.
  4. on the road...... a 2

    Yes you can roll 1's down.

    ha ha 20 min if your fat bastard. new ones suck, just like new boots but worse. No worse than 5mm wet suit.
  5. 2 piece,
    Can usually be removed in hospital without cutting...
  6. can you tell me a little more about what makes a 1-piece impractical for road riding?
  7. Major hassle if you need to take a dump,
    Easier to get off when wet,
    Absolute bugger when you fuel up and find your wallet is in your back pocket,
    On a warmer day you can wear your draggins and the jacket...
  8. Yep, you'll be wanting to stop for fuel/drinks/food/posing for photos/talking to the po-po/chatting up chicks etc at some stage.
    On a hot day being able to take the jacket off without a struggle is priority #1. If it sucks in the pits, it's worse on the road.

    You usually need someone to help you wrestle your way out of a 1-piece, which is cool if there's a chick handy, bit ghey otherwise. And what you end up with is having it all bunched up around your waist, making it a PIA to go into shops or sit on a chair.

    A 1-piece doesn't have any pockets for wallet, phone etc. You can wear a bum bag but you run the risk of losing the lot if it comes off.

    Having a 2-piece gives you more options for wearing different combinations, meaning you're more likely to use them in day to day riding.
  9. Good point, forgot to add that.
  10. fwiw I wear a one piece for a lot of my road riding. have a two piece for touring and longer rides though. it has a little pocket just inside the zip that holds a credit card, licence and $20. put my phone etc in a little tank bag. bit of gymnastics and I can have a wee with it on. ****ing brilliant to ride in. awkward off the bike especially with race boots on.
  11. Thanks guys! Great advice!

    I went to a store in the 'big smoke' the other day and tried on leathers, and yes, I will go for a two piece. I think it would be easier to cool off etc, and easier to sit down for a nice cuppa or a cool drink at a cafe with a two piece. If/when I get to the stage that I participate in track days then I'll reconsider and perhaps buy a 1-piece then... we'll see. So I'm thinking the Dainese Dominia, white and black 2-piece... what ya reckon?!

    I like the Yu Lady (white and black is my favourite), but apparently the 2 piece is discontinued. Anyone know if this is true? Even the 1-piece seems to be getting rare as hens teeth, with no supply of my size 42. It's such a cool suit...
  12. ...I would buy a one piece swimsuit for cooler days... and a 2 piece bikini for those warmer, balmy days on the bike!!... :D

    On a more serious note.. I prefer a 2 piece (leather pants & jacket) to a one piece.
  13. LOL! Yes, well... me in a bikini might be OK for YOU, but from my point of view it might be just a tad lacking in the protection department should I go down the road... not to mention the bugs in my cleavage...
  14. Well, you can have it in Kevlar if you like :grin:.
  15. Quote of the Day, so far!!