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2 piece or 1 piece leathers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Orb`, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to get some new leathers.
    I have the budget to get good quality gear.
    Just wondering what peoples thoughts were reguarding the advantages and disadvantages of 1 piece and 2 piece leathers. I"m looking to do mostly medium distance rides riding a sports bike.

  2. Full leathers are only an advantage on track days if you come off at very high speed. 2 piece gear has been known to seperate at the join exposing skin.
    Other than this they are actually a dis-advantage as with a two piece for road riding you can just wear the jacket with draggin's etc and stop you from suffocating to death at intersections with a full cow hide over you! :wink:

    What best suits you.
  3. Two piece leathers also make attending to the call of nature a much less fraught affair :LOL:.
  4. For road riding, I'd go 2 piece with plenty of pockets.

    For the track I've just bought a 1 piece, which, frankly, would be too awkward and cumbersome for road use for me.
  5. :WStupid:

    but if you can put up with them being totally useless for anything except riding one piece leathers are great. (just plan your wee stops so its not too urgent)
  6. I just found the 1 piece to be REALLY comfortable, and the 2 piece's i've tried havne't quite fitted perfectly. I'm still to try some of the brands. I asked because of the ease of escape issue. I'll keep looking for a bit. I use a Jacket and dragins around town, but like the feel and fit of leathers for anything else.
  7. I've got a fabric outfit for touring and draggins for around town. I got one piece leathers to do advanced training at a track and love riding in them.

    my leathers have a double zip thingy so I can open from the bottom. lacks elegance though. escape becomes easier as the leather softens and wearing something like skins underneath helps.

    I've heard walking in leathers described as like "a monkey walking and humping a basketball"
  8. I'd like to see you get out of a 1 piece suit on a hot day :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I'll disagree with Paul on this one. I found the one piece can actually be faster to get off than a two piece, assuming you do up the joining zip on the two piece.
  10. I have a 1 piece but in future i'd go with a 2 piece because they are more convenient especially for road riding.
  11. not that thick. got a mesh jacket for that.
  12. well i was in the same predicament just a few days ago.

    1 piece or 2.

    i went with 2 piece as i do 99% of my riding on the street. i wanted full leathers, with the ability to take the jacket off separately, or use the jacket alone with my draggins for a quick blat to the shops, round the corner, or one a social "cruisey" ride where full leathers weren't warranted (IMO).

    that said, the good thing about the 1pc, is they are safer*, and shops have trouble moving them, so the price on the tag, verses what u can walk out of the shop with them for, can vary a fair bit!

    * = no join in the middle with the potential to come apart. however i know a couple people who've had "off's" at high speeds in 2pc suits and not had any issues with the jacket/pants separating.

    up to you, and what you wanna do. as i said, i went 2pc, done 2 rides in them already, very happy.
  13. 2 piece is the way to go..versatile
  14. I agree.
  15. I've sailed across the tarmac in a 2 pc a few times on the track. no prob, the zip still looks strong,

    the stitching on the zipper on the jacket has started to come loose. should prob sew it back.
  16. 2 piece is more versatile if you do more roadridings.
    Thats what I have, I only bought the pants since I started doing trackdays/ attending track-based riding school.

    I dont find walking around with my top half wrapped around my waist comfortable at lunch during a dayride. All my mates I ride with on the road only wear the jacket from their 2pcs.
  17. I just bought myself a one piece suit (not sure if it was a bargain or not) and plan on using it on track days only since I'll be riding harder and have more a chance of stacking at higher speeds.

    Got draggin jeans and leather jacket for commuting around town, would be much easier in the summer too.

    Just depends on how many times you head to the track. I plan on going regularly to the track and maybe training days.

    phong =P~
  18. easy answer!

    1 piece - track
    2 piece - road

    ok go....
  19. old topic i know, but...

    i have a Dainese Santa Monica jacket and Dainese Delta Pelle pants

    when i zip them together, it all feels nice and snug, like a second skin

    bending over/sitting on a bike, the material that joins the two is extremely taught
    i am concerned that it will rip - are my concerns warranted? or is that material likely to be strong?
    its sort of a stretchy lycra material, i imagine it's kevlar reinforced or something
  20. i have the alpinestars octance 2 pc.
    3 inner pockets which is more than enough.
    breaths really well, i have worn it in 30* and didnt find it unbearable.
    as for goin toilet, the pants have a zip, lean over a lil...too easy!
    i dont think 1 pc is too practicle for on the road, as wen goin for a 5 min ride i jus unzip the jacket and away i go.