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2 piece Leathers- to zip on or off

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Old Road, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Does anybody zip their 2 piece together when they are on, or does everyone just join them then slip in. Mine leather & fabric suits are both RST & I'll be buggered if I can zip them when on; maybe I'am not doing it properly, any hints would be welcome. If the answer is... don't even go there, then would some enterprizing leathers designer please create a 2 piece set that can be effortlessly joined. What a bonus that would be on track days, club rides & touring. Just sayin

  2. My RST and Dainese gear can both be easily joined once on. Maybe take a video of you getting into yours with them already zipped together. Should help us really lau...fix your problem :)
  3. I always zip up my Dainese when on. I mean whats the point of a 2 piece if you can't?

    When zipping around, I just lean to the side where the zipper currently is as I go around, to give you that extra slack. Dead easy for me.
  4. That must be what I need then, a little cruelty, a little shame, ok I will rise to the challenge & give it one more go, but if I put my back out or fall over, it will be on your head. Hopefuly a ride this week if it stops raining. BTW fond memories of your Adelaide hills.
  5. Once on. Practise practise practise.
    (At home first so u don't look like a goose. )

  6. I hear what you're saying.

    I attached an old shoelace to the zipper toggle and it's now easy to drag the zipper closed on my two-piece leathers when they are on.
  7. Are you connecting the zip properly? Maybe you're just twisting it in such a way (to see what you're doing) that you're reversing it.

    Easy way to check would be to unzip (95%) whilst you're wearing it and rezip.
    Now, do you need any help buckling your helmet? :LOL:
  8. Not a hope in hell of zipping either the textile or leathers while on.I put one arm in the jacket,connect the zip and do it up a bit then put the other arm in and complete the big zip.I am both old fat and inflexible,something to aspire to.
  9. Recently got new textile plants with a zip that will go into the zips on both my jackets.
    First time used I tried with theme zipped updated and it was a nightmare. 2nd time and from then on I just zip them up when on.
    Most times it's okay but sometimes I fumble. Bit sometimes I fumble with my helmet strap too.
  10. Plants = pants. I fumble with auto correct on the Droid too.
  11. What a relief, tonight successfully got leathers on & zipped together. Next try will remove the inside liner which did increase the struggle. Will also attach a suitable ring to the puller asap. One small step for Man. Appreciate all the hints, & yes I will conqer the fabric 2 piece, but, always put off till tomorrow what you could do today right!