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2-Piece Leathers $1000 - $1200 Recommendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Peleus, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm looking around for some 2 piece leathers. After picking up some textile gear for waterproofing / light wearing I want something which I can wear for weekend rides or on the track. I'm going for two piece over one piece for the convenience and I don't think I'll do enough track to warrant the extra safety.

    I was thinking something like the A* or Dainese two piece suits at MCAS, but I know sometimes the community can recommend some gem's / some really good value for money gear. Any recommendations would be awesome.

    P.s. while you're at it may as well touch on boots, budget around $200 - $250, only requirement is they don't look super power ranger like and are waterproof.

    Cheers :)

  2. Seconded on the tcx x-five plus's. Utterly waterproof, very comfortable and great protection. I'm on my second pair.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, does anyone know a local distributer for TCX?
  4. sitting here in the heat, you might want to decide whether you want perforated leathers or not. I have waterproof textiles for most of the year and perforated leathers for warm weather. having two sets of cool weather gear may not be optimal. for track days you want perf.
  5. The only leathers I can recommend, because they're the only brand I've owned, are Quinn's Leathers. I don't even know if they still operate let alone if they're at the same place (Kurrajong).
  6. I was recently in the same boat as you. I went around and tried on a whole bunch of stuff and the different stores and the best deal most of them could offer me was 5% off which is pretty dismal especially considering a number of shops seem to employ sales people to have conversations with each other rather than assisting customers but anyhow. The people I did speak to in regards to perforation (on the astars range) told me that not much of the range came to Australia which is the same with pretty much everything. I don't really think perforation makes that much of a difference to be honest, I can ride in my Astars GP pro through the national park in relative comfort. The only alpinestars I could find perforated was the indy which is pretty outdated (especially for $400).

    In the end I decided to buy a GP Plus Alpinestars two piece online which was about $200 cheaper than anywhere in Aus. The US sites also have nearly double the range. Shipping would have cost me 70.
    I was out at Bikebiz in Parramatta one day making sure of the size I wanted to order when they offered me a deal on the GP Pro Jacket and Track Pants which are both a step up from what I wanted, so for less than $1000 I was able to walk away with a great set of leathers with a big discount of the price( even cheaper than I would have got online from the US). If you're from wollongong its worth phoning them up and asking for a similar deal if your buying pants and jacket together they'll probably give you a decent discount on them both.
  7. What size are you? I have some Alpinestars 2pce leathersthat I am looking to get out of my wardrobe. It has been affectionately names the Stig :)

    Minimal use and damned near $1200 when I bought them :(
  8. check out ricondi, australian designed 2 piece suits done in any colour or theme you wish, they will sow on badges or support brands if you wish. well made, extremely comfortable, removable liners. between 800-1200, the suits look the goods and feel it too, they are really helpful there. will be getting my next suit from there, and once my gaerne boots wear out i will be trying their boots and roo skin gloves

  9. http://www.ozmotorcyclemakeovers.com.au

    This guy is a mate of mine, I was at his shop a few days ago when i got a jacket off him and he has a couple of suits there for memory that were pretty cheap. Give him a ring or email. If he doesn't have what you want he can get it at very good prices and a really nice guy
  10. buy a 1 piece suit.. seriously.. heaps more comfy than a 2 piece and you will find that the jackets on 2 piece suits are quite short and can be a pain to ride in if you are just wearing jeans or whatever with the jacket... I made the mistake of getting a 2 piece years ago, and will be replacing it soon with a 1 piece..
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    Trouble with a 1 piece is going for rides and stopping for lunch etc. With a 1 piece you can take the jacket off and dump it on the side etc.

    With the 2 piece however, you need to be careful of jackets with humps - because the jacket doesn't get 'pulled' down has much as a 1 piece, the hump can ride abit too high and as such can interfere with your helmet. So make sure you test it with a helmet on and in a tucked position

    I prefer wearing a 1 piece, like warna said, its way more comfy. but the social aspect less so. In the end you'll probably end up with a 1 piece suit and a jacket at some stage
  12. you ride all day and eat lunch, stop for drink etc for a short period of time.. I would prefer to be comfy on the bike and a little uncomfy off it than the other way around ;)
  13. Whichever way yo go (1 or 2 pieces) do check online.
    I just bought a 2 piece Rev'it suit from www.motoin.de plus a back protector for just over $500(AUD) including shipping. Ordered Monday last week and arrived yesterday (just a week later!).
    Similar suit here goes for around $1000.
    Remember that when buying from Europe you have to remove VAT (between 19% and 21%), big discount right there already.
    Some other very good sites: www.motorama.it and www.fc-moto.de
  14. We are selling 2 piece suits from the brand 4SR in Australia in our online shop. Suits go for $929inc GST with free shipping Australia wide. Unfortunately can't post a link for you but you can google it under Czaj Racing.

    I use Daytona boots myself but they are very pricey, when it comes to bike gear though I don't compromise in quality. There are plenty of good options out there so I'm sure it won't be hard for you to find something that falls into that price range.
  15. I've been looking at leather 2 piece suits as well lately and really like the fit and comfort of the Dainese stuff. Just a quick question of anyone that's purchased Dainese gear online through bimoto (link above), is the postage to Australia free? Trying to calculate the savings between Peter Stevens vs Bimoto for the exact same jacket and pants as I tried on today, the difference is $305 before postage:woot: Bimoto don't list the postage charge until your order is almost complete, so when I filled the order form on line if said postage €0 just before you confirm the order?