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2 piece leather - zip pants or jacket together important?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. for 2 piece leathers, how important is being able to zip the pants and jackets together?

    can people who have had falls tell me of the propensity for the jacket to slide off exposing the lower back/stomach?

    reason i ask is cause im thinking of buying a used jacket but a new pants which will not be matching
  2. I had a set of 2 piece leathers which had a partial zip (across the rear of my back only) which I was wearing when I came off on Lake Mountain some years back.

    I lost the front end on some fresh roadwork gravel in a corner (the sun blinded me for a split second and I just didn't see the gravel) and the front end washed out very quickly.

    I ended up sliding on my face, stomach, knees down the road.

    My leather pants sort of ended up as hipsters after part of the slide (due to the drag and lack of front zip) and I ended up with some mild gravel rash on just above my belt line.

    It would have been heaps worse without the leathers of course, but it would have absent with a pair of leathers that zipped all the way around.

    The flip side is that leathers with full zips are almost as much a pain to get on and off as are one piece leathers.
  3. Mate get full zip around if you can............may not do it up all the time but.......if you are into some serious scratching on the weekend, its just the time to have it :wink:
    A few guys I know have had matching zips put on so dont stress, most of the time it can be done
  4. ive had a couple of off's and one big one wearing leathers that werent joined. had some very mild gravel rash around my hip , nothing serious. mind you my leathers were pretty snug though

    obvioiusly the ones that join will be better and a one piece will be even better.
  5. If you're going to wear leathers, ie. be semi uncomfortable, look like a tool and often sweating like crazy, then you might as well maximise protection by having it zip together.

    Even when just heading to a meet point before a ride I'll zip my leathers together, I mean if you're already putting up with wearing them might as well take a few seconds extra..
  6. What this guy said.

    i have my 2p dainese suit and if i go to the trouble of putting the pants on then i want it zipped it takes 5secs and will give you better protection in a slide.
  7. Also if you go to a track day they will usually insist the leathers
    zip together all the way around.
  8. Yes, forgot to point that out - most places insist that 2pieces zip together. Haven't heard of a full zip around being required though.
  9. I had a decent hit years ago wearing zipped together two piece, not a bit of torn skin and the leathers worked great to keep all the busted bones together for the docs to rebuild me.

  10. Racing rules just say

    b) In the case of a jacket and trousers,
    provision must be made to attach
    the rear of the jacket securely to the

    so full zip around isn't required.

  11. great! thanks for the replies. i will get a zip then cause the point of getting leathers was to goto a track!
  12. Full zip, half zip? Huh?

    I have A* Stunt+Apex leathers that zip together....is that half of full zip?

  13. This,

    When I put my leathers on I always zip them up, once I got the hang of it it takes about 10 seconds.
    I have 2 zips, one that goes back left and back right.
  14. it depends does the zip start from the front and go all the way around to the front again or do you have a short zip that only covers the back of your jacket / pants?

    if its A* id say its a full zip, its mostly cheaper brands that do the short zip across the back.