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2 new bikes [nodz and cbrdno]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. My New Bike

    Well here are piccies of my new bike that I bought today.


    Sorry for the badly composed pictures, but I had to take them in a bit of a hurry before it started to rain.

    Thanks to Mel at RideTek, I sure he was sad to see the old girl go, but I'm happy as a pig in shite at the moment.
    Mrs Nodz sez if I piss her off I'll be sleeping out in the shed with the Duke :D (Better start scheming and thinking of ways to be put in the doghouse...:LOL:...
  2. you will pardon me if I say I DON'T CARE???
    {sneaks away and gnashes his teeth with pure jealousy}!!!!
    Lovely, Chris.
  3. Got a text msg earlier from nodz, he has picked up his ( Ducati 750 SS )

    And had a quick visit from "deeno" b4 he headed into coffee night, seems he is the proud owner of a brand spanking new Mat Black FIRESTORM with all of 16k's on the clock.

    Well done guys, hope you enjoy them.

    Dean, "cbrdno" aint gonna cut it now, ur gonna have to change ya nick :p
  4. Wonder what it would look like in "Kawasaki Green" ?

    Who is going 2 be counting the days till he's off his P's ???

    Will he sneak it out for rides??

    so many questions.............

    nice ride Chris, keep it rubber side down mate 8)
  5. Congrats Nodz. \:D/ \:D/

    :D :D

    PS. When do u get off restrictions??? :wink:
  6. Congrats Dean \:D/ \:D/

    :D :D
  7. Just ride it, how could you possibly ride a CB250 with that in the shed.
  8. Heheehehehe, it's parked next to two wheely bins!!!


    Sorry but I couldn't resist it.

    Hope you get lotsa happy miles out of it, mate.
  9. Just 16km's eh?

    Guess he's gonna have to take it easy for a while while he runs it in..

  10. What era 750 SS did Nodz get?
  11. Congrats, guys!

    I love the look of those matt black Firestorms. And Nodz clearly has great taste too. :)
  12. Very very nice!

    So - how long till you can (legally) ride it?
  13. Just what are you implying RC?
    That it will encourage him to wheelie??
  14. Lamb to the slaughter.
    Forgive him Lord, for he knows not WTF he does :roll:
  15. did it come with a free latte? :LOL: :p

    :wink: good stuff, looks good :D maybe one day i'll be able to afford a duke too :?
  16. Yeah, I was just kiddin', have great fun with it. Just don't neglect the servicing (even if you do have to mortgage your firstborn :p )
    Some years ago, before he was famous, Eric Bana brought his example around to my place to show my then housemate. So your in good company.
  17. lol...and a soft serve ice cream like in the ads...

    Congrats on your new bike Nodz...you must be champing at the bit to get out there on her
  18. Ask mouth how easy he rides his CBR...one owner S-L-O-W sunday cruises etc... :p

    Just kidding buddy...congrats on your new baby...hope to see it in the flesh soon, I guess you couldn't resist the temptation to buy another Honda eh