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2 Months work?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. As some of you know, I am currently unemployed. I have been short listed to work at DHS and hopefully I get a position there but that won't happen until at least 22nd may.
    I HATE not working and relying on government pensions and the purse strings are pulling pretty damn tightly at the moment.
    If anyone knows of any work that I can do up until the 22nd May please let me know.
    Taking my family into consideration, around the Mulgrave area is preferable and I will need a day off between now and when I start at DHS to attend a group interview.


  2. Hey flipper, I used to in recruitment, and although dont know of anything in Mulgrave area - if you wanna email me your cv I can do a quick squizz and maybe tweek it a bit or whateva...

    Are you looking for office - as always short term temp jobs available...retail - may be more difficult to get short term work, as even if casual they like a bit more commitment...sorry am not too sure what DHS is....?!?

    Know this sounds a bit vague and isnt really that helpful, but if I can help in any way give me a shout....
  3. DHS=Department of Human Services

    Id reccomend grabbing some casual work, and if they wont give you time off for the interview just go and dont turn up for work :LOL:? Maybe advertise yourself as a tutor at schools? cash in hand too.
    retail jobs are pretty easy to land as long as you have experience, as im sure you know. I dont personally know of anything going anywhere, but surely even getting a checkout chick job would be better than nothing?
    wish i had more suggestions, but im sure youve heard it all before.
  4. Pity you want work around Mulgrave....

    My house needs a clean, car polished and the yard tidied up. (that'll take a month by itself) Then there's putting some new cladding on, painting the roof etc.
    I pay $5 an hour, minus food and board :cool:


    Ah well, good luck, I hope you find something.