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2 mates bitten by the track bug

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DKrider, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone, a mate and I shared his R6 on the weekend at SMSP. It was his first track day on a bike in the White Group (he came from drifting) and my 4th in 5 years, I was in the Greens. I always walk away thinking 'why don't I do this more often ?!' We had such a great day and were reminded what a great community we're part of. You can't get the smile off our face.

  2. Welcome to the forum and that awesome feeling you get riding a bike :)
  3. Thanks jaytee, much appreciated. I think we'll be doing a few more chasing that rainbow of the perfect lap. It was a really hot day but we were both improving alot session by session.
  4. Full circuit or Grand Prix?
  5. It was my first time on the GP circuit on Sunday , which I really enjoyed, except I kept messing up the blind crest between 6 & 7. For what ever reason I didn't enjoy the long circuit as much a year ago, but I was on a Triumph 675 hire bike which was foreign to me and it had a number of minor issues through out the day which kind of detracted from getting the most out of it. This Sunday though, we shared the R6 till my mate low sided in in session 3 and then I hired a Beemer for session 5, lap times were quite similar but I was very conscious not to bin the Beemer!