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2 lane right turn, a revved up P-plater & the person behind me

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MadAzz300, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. There's 2 lanes turning right off the GW Hwy. I always sit in the right lane because I have to turn right again just up the road.

    Today I did my head checks right (checking how close the car was sitting behind me) and then to the left (to check how close the car was to the divide line and make eye contact with the driver). Usually this is all sweet, but this young male teenager looking dude decided he's going to rev his engine at me and move up a smidge. Gee I was so impressed I nearly dropped my bike haha -not. (I'm glad I had a helmet on to hide my expression - a bit like this: :roll:).

    The light turned green and I didnt move until he was half way through the intersection to give me enough distance in case he decided to cut in front. That delayed the people behind me all of what.. 3 seconds if your lucky? They honked thier horn at me (as I was moving off).

    In my mind, I did the right thing - buffer 3 seconds distance between me and an idiot. But technically speaking, is it the right thing?
  2. Overly cautious if you ask me. You live in Mt Druitt, if you give room to every fully sick P plater you are not going to get anywhere :p.

    Just take off normally and let the buffer grow as he hoons off or if he doesn't try and race you have nothing to worry about. Just don't try and race him til you can wheelie :demon:
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  3. Mt Druitt - Where you can park your car, walk 4 blocks and buy your own wheels back !
  4. your life and limbs always come first.
    you do what you have to do.
    it's always the right thing.

    first comes you.
    second comes road/traffic law.
    a distant third comes other road users.

    selfish ? you bet.
    put them in your shoes and see if they will comply with dumb laws that jeapardise their own safety.
    or, kindly allow a car or truck to put them in a dangerous situation.

    this is like the third post you've expressed your concern in such matters.
    I am sick of your scaredy cat posts :-$

    you need to HTFU and stop feeling sorry for compromising others. you owe them nothing. you get mean or they will eat you alive out there. you in the jungle now. you learn the skills to survive. you just take care of number one.
    **** em, **** em all.
    eye of the ****ing tiger baby.

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  5. Don't sweat it. Just ride your bike and look out for yourself. You've got L plates for a reason. The other drivers can wait, learning to negotiate intersections is no less important than whatever they're in a hurry for.
  6. Haha, I cruised home through Sydney last night , Similar situation .I may have been more concerned if i was on the outside track (wet roads). But the inside lane on a bike,

    We have speed ,maneuverability and the inside line on our side. Even in the wet i was gone before he got 1/2 way around . and the same at the next 3 sets of lights :D
  7. Thanks for the replies. I'll read up on the road rules etc and keep the concerns to myself.
  8. Naa , post away. As far as im concerned your one brave M@^#%$@#ER , i will only tackle Sydney with a GPS.

    As your skill improves you will get to realize the advantages of the little light bike.
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  9. If everyone kept "their concerns to themselves" then Netrider would cease to exist. Not everyone will agree with everything you post. That's no reason to stop. So, keep the writing coming.
  10. I will. Heck, I might just HTFU enough to make it down to Homebush in the next couple weeks, take my bike in for his first service and get my madass over to the learners session there ... maybe then there'll be less *derrr fred* moments and have more success on the roads.

    oooo... Skippy's on... :LOL:
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  11. practice makes perfect...alot of the shit you are facing now and find yourself either intimidated/scared/confused about whatever...is just apart of the early days of riding - give it time and you'll develop your own methods of dealing with situations like the one you've posted about here...in the meantime don't be afraid to have a whinge here...you wouldn't be the first and you damn sure won't be the last...why'd i come on here ...now i wanna go for a ride (><)
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  12. Thanks mate... everyday, something new.. Lets us know we're alive :)
  13. In this case the way the P Plater was acting sounds as though he was challenging you to a race, and may have possibly taken eye contact from you to mean you accepted the challenge.

    I probably would have moved off with the green light, but slow enough to let the P Plater get in front, and be prepared to brake or swerve right if he does something criminal like try and hit you, so you were a bit more cautious than I would have been, but you're also learning so by no means is that a dig at you.

    The horn honk itself may not have been an "angry" honk, but just letting you know the lights have changed if the driver thinks you weren't paying attention and missed the green?
  14. Just shake your head like , ITS not even worth it. and ride as per normal . my above post is my normal style.
    My bike of choice is big twins. perfect for teens in fast cars ,crap loads of torque ,if the P-plater had of tried to keep the bike off the mark ,I would have been watching him spin out from the safety of my rear vision mirror. Just a flick of the bike and its around

    I also warm the tires up and get the feel of what the bike can do by throwing it around soon as i hit the road.
  15. It was a lesson learned. I now do a quick check as I'm leaving the mark and go about my business.

    The panic of the first couple weeks is 90% gone, and I'm feeling the want to ride, instead of having the attitude that 'I'm riding because I need to get to work'. I am sure I'll run across something out of the blue that I dont get, or understand.. And I know I'll post it here. :p

    Again, thanks for all the help and support both on the board and thru PM.

    Cheers, Lee