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2 Hours Till I Have My L's Test in WA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shibby25, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Man Im like so excited one minute and the next im nervous. I have been waiting for ages. And today is a miseravle day, rain, storms and a very strong breeze. Its kinda making me uncomfortable as most of my lesson where in perfect conditions.

  2. Breath deep, stay cool, you'll be ok. Come and celebrate/commiserate with us at the Vic Park Hotel get-together tonight at 7:30.
  3. Best of luck Shibby. I'm sure you'll be fine. Just relax and stay loose.
  4. Cheers guys, I have read about the coffe on thurs nights, it sounds great as I dont have any friends into bikes and im a total newbie and just love the feeling. I dont have a bike yet but if I pass I am hoping to purchase one on Sat or monday.
  5. good luck with your test
    be sure to let us know how it went
  6. Getting your bike licence in WA is a pain in the ass (well when i was living there it was) You have to do:

    Written test and then you get your L's but you cant ride around by youself but have to have an instructor and then once you do and get your p's you have to do another test to get an 'open' licence.
    Is it still the same????????

    OH Hope you get your licence and let us know.
  7. hey - I'm a total newbie, but my very first road lesson was last week and it absolutely poured down, but it went really well. And last night I did my first long ride up and down the gt nothern highway and it was REALLY windy, with road trains everywhere. But again, it was OK. I just had to concentrate a little bit more on getting the bike to go where it was supposed to be going!

    So, don't worry about the weather putting you off, I'm sure you'll do great.
  8. Hey crumpet man, nice nick too, i luv crumpet.... But anyway how is your suzuki intruder, I have it top of my list for the new 2007 model for $6500 but cant find any reviews about it. Just wondering whats it like and can you go over 100kmph or sit on it or 110 for freeway riding. Cheers.
  9. Hey Shibby,

    Intruder is a great first bike. I got it cuz i'm not exactly a small guy and looked a bit silly on a 250 sports bike. The intruder doesn't look like a 250 :cool: (sure as shit feels like one though).

    It's comfy and has enought power to do the freeway at 100. Although you're gonna feel the wind as the handlebar position is pretty wide.
    If you make it to tonight's coffee night you can check it out.

    Oh, and you'll probably (read definately) want a bigger bike pretty quickly so don't rule out buying a good second hand 250 and saving a bit of cash. I'll be trading mine for a Sprint pretty soon.

  10. Relax, roll your shoulders (to keep arms relaxed), relax, keep your eyes where they should be to avoid target fixation.
    They might cut you a bit of slack because of the bad conditions so be optimistic.
    And relax.
  11. good luck! i hope everything goes alright. :grin:
  12. Hey Guys I passed, everything went really well. Now the hard bike finding the rite 250 for myself, its gonna be a long weekend searching i think.
  13. Woohoo! Well done!

    What kind of stuff did you have to do?
  14. Well done! Now comes the best part......riding on your own.
  15. Congrats matey. Hope you get a bike soon too. Just a note, don't rush it. take your time and make sure you get something you will like. afterall, you will have the bike for a year or so.

    You can also ride with anyone that has held a bike licence for 4 years or more, therefore no need for an instructor. I would have to say it is relatively easy to get one. just a short ride to show that you can keep the bike straight and obey road rules
  16. Congrats.

    I'd really love to know what you had to do too. Can't seem to find much info on the WA test. I know you have to go out on the road and somewhere along the way they get you to do a u-turn and an emergency stop. Any more details for me? And how do you know where to go on the road? Do you follow the examiner, is he on a bike or in a car, or does he give you directions or what? Anything else I should know?
  17. Congrats shibby, your now one of us. :) Just enjoy the great years of riding ahead.
  18. :applause: :applause: Congrats Shibby. Have fun bike shopping.
  19. Most testing centers will have you ride to a semi-secluded area(low traffic)

    You then do 6-7 u-turns, if you make any mistakes then you will have to do about 10 more.

    You then do an emergency brake which is a 12m stop from 50km/h in the dry or 16m in the wet.

    They test on your road craft, (lane position, etc)

    Make sure you do head checks at EVERY side street, blocked driveway etc otherwise you will lose marks.

    The examiner will give you a set of directions and they follow you, if you forget where to go pull over in a safe location to get the instructions again. You will NOT lose marks for this. They will tell you this before your test anyway.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment but will update if I remember more
  20. Getting your licence in VIC is 10x easier.
    A couple of slow passes and some counter steering and emergency breaking and "congrats, heres you licence"

    Although i found it easy because i ended up riding on my L's for almost 2 years because i was 2 lazy to get my licence.