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2 honest people in 2 days... whats the world coming too?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. So i'm in IKEA with the girlfriend... I give her my keys and my phone to hold, for no other reason than, I just dont want to hold them. We trudge along with me in front, kicking the little kiddies out of the way....... Anyone else noticed how fat Kids are today?? Little porkers!!
    Anywho, I digress..... I'm very unhappy about being in IKEA and the only amusement I'm getting (apart from kicking the kiddies) is pushing my girlfriend through the "little kiddie play equipment". Her being so small and nimble, she fits really easy and looks extremely cute...
    She crawls out the end of the "little kiddie tunnel" and we procede with me picking on her and laughing and her punching me in the arm!
    About 5 minutes later I decide I want to make a call........ Guess what??? She dropped my phone somewhere in the "little kiddie tunnel"... NOT HAPPY JAN.. I walk back and of course my phone is not there, getting more frustrated cos I want to kill someone by now and then I heard, in a distinctive Aussie accent, "excuse me sir".... "did you drop your phone?" Well fark me... an honest person (who incidently had thin, healthy kids) was standing there for the last 5 minutes waiting for someone to come back in search of a phone. Good on them!!
    I was extremely appreciative, thought nothing else of it, walked off, decided not to kick anymore kids as an act of good faith and then remembered my Friday night at the Movies.....
    I Bought the tickets for us with the C/C and then bought the Popcorn and ice creams for us.... went in, watched movie, went home, had fun, went to sleep, woke up, went to get some food........ No Credit Card.... FAAAAAARK..... Screamed down to the cinema, hoping that the runaway bangledeshi running olympian fella, mohammed islam hasn't made a sprint to Sydney with my credit card.

    To my surprise, no runaway olympian has stolen my card and the young 14-15 year old clerk had handed my CC into his manager with no charges on it!!!

    A little bit of faith has been restored in this place we call Melbourne!!

    I'm actually very very very surprised!
  2. Whoa, you bought popcorn and ice cream at the movies?! No wonder you needed the credit card.

    There were no charges on it when you got it back because you maxxed it out buying the popcorn and ice cream.
  3. Yeah.... ah what do you do... I like the comfy gold class!
  4. must be the weather or something cause i was absolutely off my chops at the clipsal 500 race over the w.e, went to put my wallet back into my pocket after purchasing another round. and as you do when your pissed, missed my pocket (swear they were getting smaller) anyway long story short some bloke came running up to me and gave it back, still half full of cash. not sure if he stole any cause i couldnt remember how much was int here!
  5. kama my freind..
    what goes around comes around just remember next time u find a wallet/phone/hand bag full of money...
    return it lol
    :grin: :grin: