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2 headlights is less safe than 1?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scorpious31, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. I had a response to my letter of Thanks I put in the paper regarding our accident ... Refer to Knocked off , Hurt but Alive

    I would like anyones advice to what he said regarding covering one of the 2 headlights up and whether it is best/safe.

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place but since the original thread to this new thread is in this category I figured this would be the best place for it.

    I wasnt sure whether to put it in new riders and riding tips or modifications or even off topic

    Below is the reponse...

  2. I would think that if Australian Design Regualtions require that both lights be on when the ignition is on, then it may well be an offence to contrive any means of circumventing that.....
  3. My bike has 2 lights 1 for lowbeam and 1 for high beam. And as it says in the article I have been told that it is this way for safety reasons.
  4. Didn't think of that issue.. luckily¿ I only have 1 light..
  5. The difference in recognition is definantly noticeable when you switch from a 2 headlight bike to a 1 headlight. My bike has two, put like the previous poster only 1 is on for low beam with the other being used for hi-beam.
  6. Interesting newspaper clipping. But the last Ariel Square Four rolled of the production line in 1959.
  7. "This accident phenomena was realised...", writes the correspondent.

    Illiterate git! :roll:
  8. Hmmm, when car are a long way away, their two lights appear as a single light. Are we not then creating the "illusion" that the bike that is close is really a car a long way away?

    Six of one, half-dozen of the other really.
  9. Will someone tell Yamaha to stop selling R6's with just the one light on :? Actually I prefer 2 lights on the bike at low beam because the vision is so much better at night.
  10. If they did, it might be, but they don't, so it isn't.
  11. Lights

    I've put 50+ upgrade globes & extra relay into my Triumph so both lights operate on low & high beam. I like to see at night & I have noticed drivers see me easier with brighter lights.
  12. As per Moike, the ADR regs** changed a few years ago to allow 1 headlight to be on and one off. The beam from 1 light is normally sufficient, but I definitely notice the improvement with the T which has both lights on when using low beam.

    ** The 916 was sold over here with a crappy horrible and disgusting single headlight conversion to overcome the ADR requirement that if two lights are fitted, then both must be on. The 916 alternator was not able to supply sufficient power to run 2*55w lights continuously. You'll notice 1 or 2 people kept their 'ADR approved' front fairing, but most just fitted the standard unit and ignored the rules.
  13. The old ADR req's stated that any headlight illumination must be uniform and equidistant from the centre line of the vehicle. This meant that a single central headlight was okay, as was dual headlights equally spaced each side of the center-line.

    The old 916 failed ADR because when either headlight was illuminated, the total effect was illumination that was not consistent with the centre-line of the vehicle.

    I am a big fan of dual headlights though. I love passings cars, firing up the dual high-beams on the R1, and flooding the road with light, glancing over and noticing the mild look of surprise on the driver's face at how well the bike can light up the road even in comparison to a car.
  14. wow, you must have some good eyes! :LOL:

    or is it in your imagination? :p :p :p
  15. Do any of you guys get people telling you one of your lights arent working? :roll: :LOL:
  16. Yeah, 'cos it's impossible to see into a vehicle when it's dark outside, and the driver's face it lit up with the dashboard lights just 1 meter away from you, and reflected light from all the headlights illumating everything. :roll:
  17. my Hyosung has stacked headlights..... does that mean oncoming traffic at night will think a car is coming towards then on it's side?
  18. Depends how dumb the driver is. Generally "yes". :p
  19. My single headlight is very effective, its not super bright or anything and doesn’t sport one of those high wattage globes, what it does have going for it is that its connection to the triple trees is a little loose, therefore enabling the headlight to move a millimetre or two whist riding, this creates a light that throws its sweet spot around and makes it very noticeable if not annoying :grin:
  20. is your motor rubber mounted duhast? if not, that would be like a laser-light show :LOL:

    (just got back from a run on the dwg with rubber mounted S&S big motor, fark it howls)