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2 gurls, 1 plane, for all you pilots

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kyro_02, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Loved her knees going wild when she realised what was happening! :LOL:
  2. Oh, man. What a prick! :LOL: I bet you he was cleaning it up though....with a black eye!
  3. Just watched it again and realised she had a camera on her lap too.

    Bet she took some fully sick shots with it....

  4. #5 kyro_02, Nov 30, 2007
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  5. Let me tell you when you are the pilot trying to fly and the passengers are all throwing up its damn hard to concentrate. I had an instance just like that and the sounds and smell nearly had be barfing too. I immediately made the passengers remove their headsets becasue I was getting the sound effects through the intercom.
  6. aw, man...

    here i thought this thread was about something else.

  7. I nearly chucked just watching it. Very good.
  8. I thought this was that video called Two Girls - One cup.
  9. It really looks like neither of the passengers in the rear have their belts on... that's more that a tad silly if the pilot is going to fly like that :shock:

    To be honest I make people wear a belt if I'm flying... no belt, no ride.
  10. erhhhh don't remind me.

    i had a passenger screaming her head off the other day. Not fun.

    ^silly yes, but lucky for him, not illegal.
  11. Absolutely. True story - a RAAF P3C Orion was conducting a training sortie south of Adelaide with a couple of passengers on board, one of them a cadet. The cadet started getting airsick so they took him up the front into the cockpit to watch the horizon as this often helps. But after about 5 minutes he was looking worse so they told him to go down the back of the aircraft and bury his face in a spew bag. As he turned around, the twisting motion set him off and he airbursted all over the back of the flight engineer and his seat. And it was FOUL spew! They tried to clean it up but the stench was too overpowering. They called the sortie off, climbed to height and headed for home with max ventilation in the cockpit. But it was still too overpowering! So the pilots declared a PAN(one down from MAYDAY) and went onto oxygen with full-face smoke masks so they could concentrate for the approach and landing. The safety incident report was a hilarious read!
    Pretty Funny! Feel sorry for her though!
  13. Sorry guys but from the perspective of a pilot that guy is an absolute idiot, firstly for doing that when there is so much unsecured stuff onboard, secondly for doing it when someone is already sick. Obviously a very courteous guy!
  14. Yes, but it's in america, where they;

    allowed to have just about any gun
    allowed to ride[cali?] without helmet
    allowed to sue anything an everything

    and don't have canaries?

    some times i wish I was in America! :)
  15. +1 pilot who agrees with the above.

    There is a time and a place (and a plane) for doing stunts... and from what I can see of the video that is 'none of the above'.
  16. come on, there's fun in everything, motorbike riding for one, car driving, flying planes... come on don't kill the fun !
  17. You want fun? Have fun. I'm not going to stop you.

    But how much fun do you think the girl who threw up was having?
  18. Ive been in the exact same situation. Was flying some overseas friends around melb to show them around. One girl got a bit sick (we'd all been on the piss the night before) and the second she told me she wasnt feeling great, i turned the plane around and headed home. Ive been airsick in the back of a plane and lemme tell ya, IT AINT FUN!!!

    Having said that, it was still funny as hell! :LOL: