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2 full driving licenses from abroad = ??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RossiProtege, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Hey, what if I have full car licenses from 2 other countries? what do u think I will have to do to get my full motorcycle license in Melbourne?

  2. There are two issues here:

    1: If you can't legally ride a motorcycle on either of your foreign licences, you will need to go through the standard process to obtain a motorcycle licence here (learners permit, restricted licence etc. - see Vicroads website for details).

    2: It very much depends on which countries the licences are from. Licences from some countries simply require a bit of paperwork to convert, others require retesting if you are going to stay in Victoria for longer than a certain period of time. Again, see Vicroads website for the details.

    For example: I obtained a full motorcycle licence whilst in India (already had a full Victorian car licence), but I still had to go through the whole licensing process here to ride a motorcycle. Just as well really - the test in India is one single figure-of-8. Providing you don't fall or put a foot down, and use the correct hand signals (not indicators), you pass! And you can retest if you botch it up.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Great, thanks for the info roh.
  4. Couple issues. If your license is from one of the 11 countries listed below, then it converts to a license here no problem. However, you will need to either have the issue date on the license with at least 3 years prior to the current date to not have any probationary conditions on it.


    If one of your licenses is not from one of the above countries, then you have to go through the whole Ls test and the Ps test (written, skills, and hazard perception test). However, if you can prove that you've had it for more than 3 years, then the period that you have to wait between Ls & Ps is waved. Also, your license becomes a full license without LAMs or pillion passenger restrictions once you pass the skills test.

    I'm pretty sure I'm right, but double check the details with VicRoads. (Though I doubt an average VicRoads agent will have know the specifics off memory either...)

    Edit: Oh, and you CAN ride a motorcycle on a foreign motorcycle license -- assuming you're here on a temporary visa, or you've had your perm residence issued to you less than 6 months ago.

    Edit2: Ah, I just noticed that you have a foreign *car* license only. Nevermind what I said above -- that only applies if you have a foreign motorcycle license.

    For your case, converting the foreign car license over to a Vic car license (again, assuming your foreign license is from one of the 11 countries listed) will only save you from doing the Roadrules test and the hazard perception test in the series of tests you need for the motorcycle license.

    Otherwise you'll need to basically go through the whole thing from beginning to end, which is:
    - Roadrules test (cars Ls written test)
    - Motorcycle Ls test (written + skills)
    - Hazard Perception test (before you test for motorcycle license test)
    - Motorcycle License test (skills)