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2 Free Tickets to the Melb Expo (there is a catch)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. And that catch is..........

    We require 2 people to assist SCP(kool expo doodz) in setting up the expo.

    These lucky folk will get to see the place being built and get to see everything first. If that isn't rewarding enough, you are also given a free ticket to the expo.

    There is also a need for 2 people to assist SCP in the breaking down of the expo on Sunday evening.

    First 4 people get the honours.

  2. hey vic, whats the date for these things, so i know if i;m working or not
  3. when do they need the hand setting up? friday or thursday night?
  4. Ahhh, im a goose. You are required on the Wednesday.

    It is prefered that the people who do Wednesday also be available for the Sunday
  5. $12 to get in....... :-k

    that gives you about 15mins of my time vic! :LOL:

    Is this setting up a Netrider stand???
  6. ok..count me in :)
  7. No, it's setting up the entire show
  8. Awesome, Cheers darl.

    One ticket left :)
  9. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Whow, that's some serious work if it's anything like the shows I have set up before! I'm almost glad I will be in Tassie. Sorry, unable to help.
  10. If I'm free, I'll help out.

    But I expect to be given a free "ahooooooga!" on at least one lycra clad stand babe.

  11. errrr, it's "helping" you are just giving the people setting up a hand. You are an additional pair of hands, you wont be the only one working on building the entire show.

    Ask VTRBob what it's like. He did it one year.
  12. 2 more sleeps til set up :)
  13. Hey, when's the setup happening?
  14. This wednesday....9am
    we will make a good team Loz :)
  15. I've got one person for the packup. I need one more person.

    If you are going to the expo on Sunday and you are able to assist SCP for a couple of hours at the end of the expo then a free ticket is up for grabs.

    I reckon the V squad might have the second person lined up though ;)
  16. I'm working on it :)

    Loz, I have your safety vest here, all printed and ready to wear :)

    Do you want to meet up at about 8.30 and ride across the bridge together?
  17. This better be fun, cos I've given up a perfectly good riding day with a forecast of 30deg and no wind. ( murphy is at it again)
    Maybe Loz and I will get to ride the demo dirtbikes in our lunch break :LOL:
    or wizz about on forklifts, anything with a motor is cool with me :p
  18. well, I'm stuffed!

    Not that we worked all that hard, a bit of cutting up plastic and taping it over the utility access points so the soil wont get in...50+ truck loads of soil for the motocross and enduro track :shock:

    Then I did a bit of painting, some sticker removal and a lot of perving :oops:
    did I mention perving,,yeah it was a Gals paradise!
    mmmmmm the smell of sweaty men. :LOL:

    They fed us and provided munchies all day too, along with the offer of free tickets to see the motocross on friday night, bummer Im working for Netrider that night :( oh well, at least there is still saturday and sunday to go see the enduro bikes :)

    See you all on friday night, or saturday for the trophy presentation!

    Oh..and the NEW HONDAS look awesome :p