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2 FREE tickets for this years Motorcycle Expo

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Yes you read right.

    We are willing to buy 2 people, male or female a ticket each to this years expo.

    "What's the catch I hear you ask"

    There is a catch.......

    Netrider supplies 2 people each year on the Thursday before the official open day that assist SCP in the build of the event.

    These 2 people get to see the expo before anyone else.

    It's usually 1/2 - 3/4 of a days work lending a hand. You wont be climbing scaffolding or swinging from the rafters, sorry Bob :)

    Everyone that has done it to date have done a brilliant job and SCP are always happy.

    So who is able to assist this year?
  2. Put me down as 3rd man please Vic. I will take a day off work and lend a hand if no-one else is able.

    PM me if I am needed please.
  3. Vic , you can put my name down. My diary is clear, apart from sleeping.

    PM me the details plz.

    Its not about the tickets ... i'd just like a sneak preview
  4. You Sir, Have a free ticket.

  5. You Sir, Also have a free ticket.

    Thanks to the both of you.
  6. i can help if needed after lunch
  7. Oh but that was so much fun too

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  8. As a big promoter of netrider I would do it without bribery & corruption but will have a hard enough time getting time off work to attend as the boss is so short staffed hey Lil!
  9. I am happy to help, always free! Anytime!

    PM or MSN me if you still need someone to help.

  10. If any of the above are unable to do this, im 100 % in
  11. I put my hand up last year and helped for a few hours. Was a good experience wheeling some new toys into the building and getting to check out all the bikes before everyone else....Unable to lend a hand this year (and wont even be able to get to the expo) due to leg still not 100%....
  12. Glad you enjoyed it Col.

    The organiser has failed to get back to me so I ain't going to push it.

    If they do they do but i'm not chasing it.
  13. Folks,

    I have spoken to the organiser and he admits to stuffing up by not replying to us.

    They have however asked for a few bods to help pack up the expo on Sunday night, Monday morning.

    Those that do will get a free ticket to the expo.

    Phone me to orgy-nize it if you are able to assist.

    0400 885 955