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2 for 1 SMIDSY

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Viscera99, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. On the way home this evening, I'm heading south on hawthorn rd. dirt bike heading north coming towards me. Silver merc comes to a stop from a side street and then proceeds to pull out in front of both of us. I got away with swiftly dumping some speed but the other guy had to full on emergency stop(ie) to avoid contact.

    No acknowledgement from the old dear in the drivers seat but her yappy pomeranian hurled K9 abuse at me from the parcel shelf.

    What have I learned? Well, I've been half heartedly employing the weaving thing when approaching potential SMIDSY situations. guess I need to make it a not negotiable part of every ride. Oh, and I'm even more of a cat person than I was this morning.

    The things you see when you don't have a gun...

  2. Excellent, well done.
    I especially like the bit I've bolded...
  3. Good work avoiding a crash mate. Yes, we have to stay vigilant at all times!
  4. Some drivers shouldnt be on the road.

    I would say 90% at least try to drive safely and try to be alert. 10% just drive with blinkers (and I dont mean indicators!) on.
  5. HAH!!!!

    4 months later.
    Same road
    Same intersection
    Same silver merc

    I started weaving as she began to enter the intersection and then she stopped after finally seeing me.

    I'm gonna go ahead and call that a victory. Resisted the temptation to flip the bird on my way past.
  6. Telepathically extracted from what goes for grey matter from the Merc driver - "Why can't that nice boy on the bike ride properly. Better stay out of his way, poor dear"
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  7. I do the same as well and have noticed it makes a huge difference. It stops them from having that "i think i am right to go" thought, which you can tell when they are slowly creeping forward but suddenly stop when using the SMIDSY maneuver.

    That being said, i was utterly disgusted recently when a marked police car almost pulled infront of me (I didnt realise it was a plod), I pulled the SMIDSY maneuver, causing them to stop creeping forwards, they then threw a u-turn, pulled me over and proceeded to scream at me asking me what the hell i thought i was doing - telling me off as if i had committed some heinous crime. Either way, I will continue to use it as long as i ride on the road.
  8. again a good reason why I advocate all riders should have a helmet camera

    it would be nice to say -- I have this film of you not stopping at the line at the intersection I am going to give it to a current affair
  9. even better today riding in to town stopped at a crossing people walking pass car behind me starts beeping it horn so you know flip the bird don't even look back it keeps going still wait for the school kids to cross so i turn around in my seat and in the car behind me was a female driver about 30-40 with a F*UCKING 2-4 year old on her lap driving (it one of those look but brain does not register what you saw so you look again moments)

    i was thinking where the fu*k are the coppers when you need them probably off pulling some poor biker over for 68 in a 60 zone