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2 Day lerner courses and where?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RedRobbo, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hi guys I am still pretty new here and was wondering where I could do my 2 day lerner course. I was going to go to HART but was hoping to do it on the 28th & 29th of April. I live in Narre Warren South so if anyone can give me some advice or point me in the direction of somewhere close that you might recommend I would appreciate it thanks in advance:woot:.

  2. I went to Riderbros at Calder Park and past with no problems.. It was easy as 1 2 3... Very good and it's a 1 day Course...
  3. Thanks OzzyDevil but I have never riden before hence I want the 2 dayer and was hoping for somewhere closer to me but thanks for the info mate;).
  4. Thats no problems and to be honest 1 day is plenty for the L's but Try Deca something like that..

    BTW i hadn't rode a bike for over 27 years and there were people that past and never rode a motorbike too...
  5. idea of the 2 days is to familiarise yourself with a bike [to a degree] you will find that they will teach you basics and you literally learn as you go, the more you ride the more practise you get, the better you become!
  6. Try Ride-tek at Sandown 1300 788 382
  7. HART kilsyth
  8. Motorcycle motion in morrabbin do a 2 day course i believe... i had never ridden a bike and i went there and passed my l's with ease with them. They explain everything in detail and get you to walk with the bike and stuff instead of throwing you straight on it.

    I would reccomend them, nice bunch of guys too.
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  9. Thumbs up for HART Kilsyth, I did the 2 day course there. The guys running it were great, Im going back there this week for 1 day full licence course. But of course I cannot compare them with other trainers as I only have experience with HART.
  10. thanks for all the advice everyone. I was hoping to go to Hart but I was hoping to do the 2 day test on the 28th & and 29th Of this month. If not it would have to be a fortnight after that or the fortnight after and none of those weekends match up with theirs down at Kilsyth:tantrum:. Does anyone know if allstar motorcycle training in Dandenong are any good?
  11. +1 vouch for HART (Somerton).

    Really professional bunch of people. I did my 2-day learner course and my license test there. Didn't have any problems with them.

    I never rode before or drove a manual car and the 2-day learner course was perfect. Just study the vicroads book and listen to your instructors and you'll be right.