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2 chicks and a long motorcyle

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bigchief, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Surely this is still bike related :LOL:

    The 3rd wheel seems a bit pointless since I can't see a seat for a 3rd person...sooooooooooooooooo...what's the point? :shock:

  2. The third wheel looks like a fancy wheelie bar since there's no chain.
  3. A) This would probably be better suited to Multi Media...
    8) It's been posted before (though How you would find it I have no idea)
  4. A) That is the worst bike ever.
    8) That bad-ass dude in the background is the worst human-being ever.
  6. Moved to Multimedia.

    I like boobies.
  7. Last time this was posted someone said

    'there was a third girl but the guy ate her'

  8. The 3rd wheel is the bloke ,just let the girls get it on!
    :p :LOL:
  9. That is one UGLY bus!!
  10. there was a 3rd girl but i ate her
  11. so many boobies, so few hands :( :beer:
  12. bike bus

    how do you suppose to change the middle tires on this thing? run on flats perhaps.

    what description would you put down on your insurance papers? Motor inline skates - roadworthy.