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2 Bikes 1 lane Too Fast 1 Speed camera

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sabbathbeast, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. If 2 motorbikes are riding (speeding )in the same lane next to each other and get snapped by a speed camera would there be any way of them ( the law ) proving that both bikes were speeding ?

    If both bikers denied they were speeding and said it was the other !

    Any thoughts ?
  2. Well it happened to me in the car once on a 2 lane road... we never saw the fine...

    Depends on what speeds you were doing, if its fast enough to throw the book at you they might take a different approach...
  3. same as cars i would think, if 2 cars are caught in the centre of a speeding fine, they can't prove which car was speeding..... hence why you always get the picture, to see whether there is a second car/bike in it
  4. generally doesn't hold up when another vehicle is present in the photo. I know of a guy who did 200kph+ past a freeway speed camera - no fine, too many cars.

    Mind you in Victoria, I'm sure they wouldn't mind moving to a 'book all parties in the photo' scheme - and then perhaps install fish eye lenses and zoom right out, effectively able to book 70 cars per photo :LOL:
  5. Careful, you'll have them buying time on satellite cameras and just doing the whole state once a month. :p
  6. Yeah, Dan, stop giving them ideas....
  7. Well funny you mention this...

    Last night I was riding home up Canturbury road, and just after Heathmont shops I saw a camera on the side of the road...
    Now since the car besides me decided to be a hero and taking on a bike, I was speeding a little and jammed on the anchors when i saw him, i wiped enough speed off to be jus under, but the car didn't even brake.

    Flas goes the camera, and i tell ya i'd better not be seeing a fine for that, even tho i think I may be in the shot.
  8. So if your going to speed ( not that i condone speeding ) you should stay as close to the other traffic as possible !! :LOL: :p ...........mmmmmm maybe not ! :roll:
  9. Hmm, or arrange some kind of buddy system for bikes...speeding buddies, oh, wait, thats all of us anyway... :D
  10. In qld they reckon they can pick you out of the traffic and book you. I know someone who put forward this arguement and still got fined..
  11. If it was heavy traffic, and you ask the police officer if it was definitely you and there was no way it could have been another vehicle, and he/she says 'yes' and fines you, you should be able to contest it successfully. A cop mate of mine told me if you ask them this question, there's a fair chance they'll only give you a warning as they know it's hard to prove in court.

    But if you pay the fine, you are pleading guilty.
  12. Dan wrote
    Thats how i always thought it was to . 2 vehicle's in the same photo , no fines issued (though like many times before i could be wrong) But unlike QLD where the photo is issued with the fine (unless they have changed) down here you have to pay for the photo to prove your innocents.
  13. I've heard of some ridiculous fines in Vic, so it wouldnt surprise me that even if there are 2 bikes in the shot, and obviously one of them was speeding but they cant tell which one, they will probably fine both and get away with it... because that is what victorian courts do...

    Speed cameras can only actually follow one vehicle at a time...
  14. Shut up idiot...don't give them ideas, or they might start using satellite photos and get us all in one go.

  15. This is interesting because if you were on the brakes, it will show in the photo possibly adding to the argument that you were the one speeding?
  16. Not quite correct midnight old boy.

    You can view the photo of your "offence" for free at the Camera office in the city (used to be in Bourke near Spencer), you then have the option of purchasing the photo for your collection.

    I have a very nice photo of my old VP Commodore about 5 years ago doing 72 in a 60 zone that I just had to purchase, it's a nice pic and a talking point when I show it to people. Mind you the front bumper is nearly making contact with the road as I was braking pretty hard when I spotted the camera and I'm not about to admit to how fast I was going at the time either :wink:
  17. No worries pvda , happy to be corrected :D
  18. Had heard the rumour that if two vehicles are in shot in a 80+kph zone they book the one in the right hand lane. If that person complains that it was the car in the left lane speeding, they retract the speeding fine, and book them for failing to keep left. I'm almost cynical enough to believe that they just might do this.
  19. Really?? Cos i had to pay something like $15 just to view my car on their screens about 5 years ago.... :?
  20. Wouldn't hold up IMO. The keep left rule is only enforceable where the sign is displayed or when the speed limit is above 80kph - doesn't apply in 'congested traffic', and you are allowed to use the left lane to overtake a vehicle :roll:, turn right, do a u turn or 'avoid an obstruction'. It they did hit you with that, it would be easier to get out of than the initial fine based only on the photo.