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$2.6 million buys lots of things...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. $2.6 million that she was rightly awarded for being wrongfully locked up for ten months. Who knows why she went to Jordan?

    All this shows is that mental health care in this country is woeful, even for millionaires.
  2. Exactly. What's wrong with you lately Paul?
  3. +1.

    Paul, I don't know if there really is anything amiss, but recently your posts have become more vitriolic, rude and just downright confrontational.

    What this does prove however is that she was certainly suffering from extreme mental illness at the time she was detained.

    I watched a long program on mental illness with Stephen Fry the other day, specifically in bi-polar disorder or manic depression. To suffer from depression, manic depression or other form of mental illness is a scary scary thought and she deserves our understanding, sympathy and help, not ridicule or disdain.
  4. If I was falsely imprisoned, I'd want millions of dollars.

    And if I wanted to travel, I'd buy a ticket to whichever country I damn well please.

    Whyfor we haff thread about this?
  5. :WStupid:
  6. To be fair to the authorities, she lied about her name, her residency status and actively deceived the authorities and remained in detention largely due to her own actions. Regardless, she has a mental illness and deserves all the help and support she received since. And the government doesn't pay that sort of compensation unless there was some serious misconduct among its staff.
  7. We are all having a happier life than she is, Paul.
  8. If this lady went overseas, why is it our problem???
    Another medai/governtment beat up.
    Its is better than the race industry experience thread
  9. That thread has just been cleaned again, mate.
  10. Rog,fair enough,too many egos that aren't justified.
    Just be happy ones life and get on with it.
    I wasn't happy you outed me, but i will live with it
  11. guys, guys, my record on this forum (and in real life, I might add) is consistently in favour of whatever help can be offered for folks with mental health issues, and everybody knows this.

    But that doesn't change the fact that the Cornelia Rau affair was mercilessly beat up at the time in order to try and discredit the government of the day, and this latest report seeks only to continue that theme. As cejay rightly observes, being imprisoned against her will is a very dishonest description of what happened. There is no doubt that she would have received the same mental health care as any other Australian is entitled to if she had been honest with the authorities who had to deal with the complexities of her case. In the end the government paid some money to her because it was easier than trying to explain how they had been duped.

    I should add that for myself, life couldn't be better; I have a major birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, at which I will have lived longer and in far better circumstances than my dear dad, who died of a diseased (and broken) heart at the age of 58, 40 years ago. My daughter is just about to give birth to our first grandchild, my wife is teaching full-time in an IO class at our local school and I am fully-employed doing IT support at four different schools, and acting as Chaplain at one of them. The Hornet just passed its 129,000th birthday (kilometres) and I just have had a helmet which was faulty replaced under warranty :).

    Thus I should say that God is being good to us, and I have nothing about which to complain. I shall attempt not to be as negative in my future posts, and I apologise to any who I have offended, (except Leon Coburn, but that goes without saying :LOL:).
  12. Diggler, I guessed your name from what was said. Sorry mate.
  13. No problem.
    Thought i was very secretive.!!!
    Obviously not??
    Look forward to the tipping contest.

    Maybe we can get a governtment grant for the winner.$2.6 mill?????????
  14. Diggler, I have sent a pm to you.
  15. Yeah, good tipping comp prize.
  16. It'd buy a nice race team, for half a season :LOL:

    Diggler, Rog tipped me off too, welcome to our little den of inequity :). I have posted not a few pics of you over the last year or so, (and your son signed up a while back too??).
  17. By the very nature of her mental health condition you can hardly hold her responsible for being "dishonest".

    As for the government of the day - thank fcuk they're gone. This was just one of many atrocious activities on their part.
  18. according to you
  19. And a large majority of the rest of the nation. Did you notice the last election?