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2.5" HDD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Folks, my lapflop HDD just died.

    Where does one buy a replacement at excellent prices these days?
  2. lanecove computers [ICT computers] on longueville rd, lane cove.

    second hand lappy for about $300.

    cheers :cool:
  3. I got an 80gb one for someone at work the other day for $95, off a web-site, but I'm blowed if I know what it was :oops:.
  4. go to www.staticice.com then just type in what you need. will give you teh cheapest prices. just look for on close to you :)
  5. You better remember

    *waves angry fist*


  6. Yet you claim that you remember historical events in your lifetime.
    so much for that memory of yours. :p
  7. Yeah, searched there, most shops are in Sidknee.

    Not a huge deal, I'll just get one flown over.

  8. advanced search with your location in there maybe? or if you could be bothered. the usual ebay stores sell lots of them
  9. http://www.cpl.net.au/greenguide/20070906-web.pdf

    Looks like 80GB for $60 to $80 (look for Laptop HDD)
  10. At MSY at Pascoe Vale.

    Maxtor 2.5†IDE notebook 80GB $69
  11. thats who I was going to look at but forgot :oops:

    They are painful to deal with though.

    Need to copy the front and back of your CC and use their form to order stuff.

    Painful I tell ya :p
    I don't really go past there.

    The lapflop in some 4 years old so it needs to be an Ultra ATA100

  12. Walk up to the counter, ask for HDD, hand-over card or cash. As easy as it gets.

    Huh? There is West Melbourne, about 10mins from your work, straight up Spencer St. Or get off the Westgate an exit earlier on Thur/Fri arvo and straight up Widigeridoo Way
  13. MSY are the best.
  14. CPL arent that bad in person, and the $60-$70HDD isn't bad, put onein my sisters laptop, seems to be going well.

  15. Mmm, a (usual) 30-120 minute wait to save $3 in this case, not really a "the best" for this type of savings.
  16. CPL and MSY would be my choices.

    I got my 160GB from MSY for $135 I think.
  17. Vic, there is a good shop in Dudley st west Melb, 2 blocks up from Festival Hall.
  18. that is CPL :LOL:
  19. avoid maxtor go for seagate or westerndigital :wink: