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2-3 week days in the vic mountains... which roads to take?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by raffiki, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. hey kids

    i posted this on hangmore and thought i'd dump it here too :)

    work owes me some overtime so (off the cuff) i'm going to spend 2-3days riding around the spur, reefton, warburton, walhalla, baw baw, hotham, falls, maybe a run up buller just to be sure and if all is good a run across the border to kosciuszko just because i've never been there.

    however i'm wondering which roads to take? they all look good, but i want to get the most out of my few days off. so if you can suggest any 'must ride' roads around the vic mountain regions it would be most appreciated :)

    its going to be a full on non stop 2-3 days (maybe more), up at dawn, in bed at dusk. nothing else planned.

    havent really set a date, maybe you could propose one within the next 2-3 weeks if your interested in comming.

    if your interested in the full trip or up for a day and can make it let me know. its always good to have crew to share a ride with

    anyway cheers kids

  2. Geelong, across to somewhere the other side of Ballarat to get to Kinglake via Macedon Ranges, then up to Reefton, up to Buxton, then to Mansfield, down the hill to Whitfield, then some boring bits to Bright.

    From Bright, across Hotham, down to Omeo and take in some dirt to Mitta Mitta, then to Corryong or Tintaldra, perhaps.

    Then across the Blue Mountains taking in the Snowy Scheme, then down to Thredbo, and whereever Kozzyosko is from there, then across to Bombala, down to Orbost via the Bonang Highway. Then from Orbost the back way to Buchan, then out to Princes Highway to Bruthern. Then up to Mt Hotham, down to Bright, again, across to Whitfield, etc. to home.

    You want 3 10-12hr days of solid riding, then this is what you'll get doing this route. Dunno the distance but at least 2,000km.
  3. dude! thats awesome! :D
  4. Hey Raffiki

    How the hell are you??? I have not seen you in well over a year...

    What have you been upto????

    I see you no longer have the Kwaker - upgraded to a GSXR1000 - nice.....

    DOing much riding of late?

    ANYWAY, to my point :)
    I would not mind doing a run for a weekend on the first weekend in may if you were interested. Heading into Bright via all the twisty roads. Why Bright, Autumn, great time of year.
  5. Don't forget Granya Gap and The Murray River Road on the way to Corryong!
    And while your in Bright, do the loop from Myrtleford - Happy Valley - Mt Beauty - Tawonga - Bright.
  6. Yep, it is. We'll be up that way on that weekend, heading to Mt Beauty. Looking forward to it, too. Haven't had the bike out since November. Well, not on a decent ride. Commuting to work doesn't count.
  7. Try and do Elliot Way. Bloody nice rd and views are magic.
  8. This weekend, I rode up to cann river, via princes hwy, up to Cooma, then across to kiandra, (through kosciusko nat park) down to Khancoban, across to corryong, tallagatta, wodonga, down to beechworth, myrtleford, bright, GAR to Omeo, Bruthen, finishing at Bairnsdale.
    Would have done the GAR again today, but forecast is hail, rain, and snow, along with gusty high winds. If you have been across the top of GAR, you wouldnt do it in the snow and wind!.
    Then home, total, about 1500 klms, and all good quality roads, except some dirt rd roadworks on the GAR, about 1 km worth, and plenty of wildlife darting across the road.
    Almost no cars, and a mighty blast!

    Will be doing this ride again! When it is warmer!
  9. GAR is closed now at Hotham cause of snow.

    Whats the road from Cooma to Tumut like?
    Is there fuel along the way?
    I want to go from Bairnsdale (home) to Dubbo in a months time and was thinking of turning left at Cooma but know nothing of that road.
  10. There is fuel between bairnsdale and bright, at Omeo, and about 2 other places.
    They didnt have premium over the weekend, but plenty of std.

    I only used the road between kiandra and cooma, and the road was excellent, with fuel at Corryong ,adaminaby and Cooma, No fuel at Kiandra, only ruins there!.

    I dont have any first hand knowledge of the road between Kiandra and Tumut, but would expect it is the same as the rest, and excellent.

    I listened to the news on Sat night, and decided against trying the road back across Omeo on Sunday, and went home instead. Proved to be the right decision. Weather was not good on Saturday, but not raining.

    It seems that all the main roads near the ski fields are in vg nick. Your tourism dollars at work I guess.