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2-3 Day rides

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tubbsy, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Just after some referals on good rides, with great views and good places to stop.
    Where a rider can go to ride, enjoying the scenery, be alone with their thoughts, contemplate life, blah blahblah.......that type of thing.

    Keen to head off on my own from Sydney for a few days, but not been in Aussie long enough to know where the best places are.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome. :D
  2. I'm planning a ride down to Jindabyne, possibly. Was planning to camp at a national park. Not sure about all of the roads yet, but doing research.

    Hume highway is boring through so I'll probably switch it out for something else.
  3. That looks cool! Are you going inland or coastal on the outward leg?

    I need to wire my Aldi Bike GPS up and get some luggage racks and luggage etc so I can head off over the xmas break.
  4. Yeah, those details, I've not thought about. There are some specific roads I want to try as they are sealed and look awesome on the map and google streetview. The order I do them in isn't important.

    The road from Cooma to the Princes highway is awesome, as are the bits around Jindabyne. Then there is of course Mac pass, a few other bits that I know well near Wollongong. I'm kinda keen to try something I've not done before.

    Actually, probably this route might work. Dunno. Come back via the coast because it'll be less challenging and I'll be a bit fatigued.
  5. From Steeple Flat (southern part of that route), go down to Bombala and then east to Pambula along Bombala Cathcart Rd/Mt Darragh Rd, then up tp Bega.
    It's an awesome ride.
  6. Our Ls instructor said that Thunderbolts Way is perhaps the best road in NSW??? I've heard many good things about the Oxley Highway. That's what I'm planning on doing if I get a chance for an overnight trip.

    Putty Rd and Bells Line of Road are worth thinking about if you haven't heard of them.
  7. Sweetie don't know the last time your instructor tootled up Thunderbolts, it's a patchwork of badly repaired holes and ruts, I dare say the heavy spring rains have only added to it's woes......
  8. Did the old Pac and Putty a few weekends ago....t'were luvvly!
  9. If you're going to do that, then I suggest taking the coastal road north - Pambula - Merimbula - Tathra via Wallagoot/Kalaru - Bermagui (awesome fish & chips) via Tanja.

    From Bermagui you have the choice of heading back to the hwy to Cobargo or continuing north and joining the hwy near Tilba Tilba (also worth the short detour if you have the time)

    So many roads, so little time.

    The Princes Highway is a *nightmare during the holiday season - be prepared for a slow run back.

    *almost as bad as iTunes :)
  10. I can't wait to get out there for a few days!!!!

    Although with the weather in Sydders today, I was glad of the train.
  11. Normally I'd recommend:

    Head out to Windsor then up Putty Rd to Singleton
    Singleton to Gloucester
    Gloucester to Walcha (Thunderbolts Way)
    Walcha to Wauchope (Oxley Highway)
    Wauchope to Bellingen
    Bellingen to Dorrigo (Waterfall Way)
    Turn around and come home in the reverse route.

    Thunderbolts is a complete mess right now. Rain has opened holes big enough for a postcode.
    Waterfall Way was closed a week ago due to a landslide from the rain - not sure if it's open yet.

    It's a nice route with some fantastic scenery and some great riding ;)