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2 2fiddy's pushing it a bit on Putty Road

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, Jun 19, 2007.

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    s2asWdgpImE[/media]]Putty Road Part 1

    u6_m1Ggy0-4[/media]]Putty Road Part 2

    Bikes in these clips are of a completely random a VTR250, a CBR250RR and filming is a CBR1000RR. Quality is a little dodgy cossa youtube, but you get the idea. It looks a little better if you reduce the size. My favourites the second one, "that guy" gets a peg down :grin: .

  2. Tres cool, now I want to do it again! :LOL: How far in is the peg action? :eek:
  3. the vtr rider was doing it most corners, but he was so far ahead you couldnt really see :p :p :p

    that day good was methinks

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    Now I can see (well hear) why some bike vids have a music sound track in them :eek:

    *semi on topic*

    Found a nice mix of music + bike noise [media=youtube]EKmoRtYgBMA[/media]

    Just needs to be in English to get full effect ;)
  5. If you watch the second one you'll notice the corner before the cbr overtakes the 4wd the guy looks like he shat himself and took it real easy, the corner before that, the left hander the peg was on the ground for a fair whack of the corner. My mate has a photo of the scrape mark, perfect line :grin:

    Btw - whats wrong with the sounds, i like em :? :LOL:
  6. OMG - where is that road?! Looks better than the black spur! :twisted:

    Nice riding too... :wink:
  7. I onlt watched the first 20-30 seconds of the first video, and was scared by the lines taken by the camera bike.

    I get to share the road with these people, yay!