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1st trip to Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Blackbird06, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Just had my first trip to World Superbikes at the Island :grin:
    Travelled over from Tassie, 4 days at Cowes, toured around, did the Black Spur, trip to Cape Patterson, Inverloch etc.
    Hundreds of bikes, great company, great racing, great comradirie, great riding - people who don't have bikes have no idea on what they miss out on :!:

  2. the road b/w cape patterson and inverloch is a favourite of mine, sweeping bends all the way and great views as well.

    just got to watch the wind sometimes.

  3. Yeah it'll be interesting to see how beautiful it stays when the nuclear reactor goes in :shock:

    Will you be coming back for the GP BRK?
  4. i will, i always do, i think that query was aimed for blackbird?
  5. I did the Motogp last year for the first time. Loved it. Took my GSXR1000 down. After the race I spent 4 weeks on Tassie. The roads were amazing. You're very lucky down there!
  6. Last year I did the MRA ride from Cranbourne to Phillip Island the day before the race. It was incredible to ride with the kilometres of bikes being cheered on by families and bike fans along the route. I couldn't believe how many people there were cheering on along the way to see the amazing procession of bikes. I'll be doing it again this year for sure.

    If you're coming for the GP make sure you join the ride out to the island. Be careful though, there are risks riding with lots of different riders.