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NSW 1st Track day chrissy present

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kimi, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Argh!!!! So my OH brought me a smsp track day for Christmas!
    Booked in for sat jan 30th, super nervous and excited all at once!
    Only just got my red p's.
    This will be a good way to learn how to corner well, i hope!:oops:
    Is anyone else booked in to white group that day? Dont want to be a total nige as my OH is in green group! :unsure:

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  2. I wish i got one of those as a xmas pressie, lucky you.
    There is a bunch of us, me included, going on the 30th and with enough people we can book a garage for ourselves.
    Have a look here -https://netrider.net.au/threads/smsp-2016-track-days.221712/

    Be good to have you guys join in.
  3. Cool, what colour do you guys ride in? Any girls? :D
    Would love to meet you all, but with the garage the 2 guys I'm with just rock up ultra early to get one etc. When you've booked let me know what number so i can come say hi :happy:
  4. I'm not good at the 'ultra early' thing!
    We'll get a garage booked the week or so before Kimi. We may even have enough numbers to book out the whole garage.

    Either way you'll enjoy the day guaranteed.
  5. I think were mostly yellow and green groups. One of us will post up what garage were in if your not keen to join us and just wanna say Gday.
    Just pray for the weather gods to be friendly!!
  6. Haha yeah I've already started crossing my fingers for good weather!
    Haha! I LOVE the early starts! My job gets me up at 2am mostly anyway :wtf:
    I hope i like it, just nervous, think i will do a whole bunch of runs down the nasho for corner practice since im close ish!
  7. Nice gift Kimi! My wife and I booked CSS at Phillip Island for March as Xmas pressies, so looking forward to that for sure!
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  9. Nice! I've heard many nice things about phillip island!
  10. Did my first track day about 2 weeks ago and had a heap of fun! Best thing was no "Oh Shit" moments as obviously I wasn't pushing it as I'm still new at this only having my licence for around 18 months. I just braked early and never looked at the speedo (only on the long straights though..) My goal was to get rid of the chicken strips off the tyres!
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  11. Pics of tyres now required ;)
  12. Don't know what happened the other day with my post, sorry. I meant to say that you'll absolutely love doing a track day. Did one recently at Phillip Island, still on my restricted licence, learnt heaps and totally loved it. I'm now looking for a trailer so I can hit the track again on a regular basis. All the best, most of all enjoy yourself, guarantee you will. :)
  13. Nice! Glad you enjoyed it.i dont think i will be pushing too hard either since i just brought my new bike and cant afford a crash! Did you do it at smsp?
    I've been out there to watch lots of track days and race days...i get a little over excited :woot:
  14. Kimi if you're going to the nasho let me know because I'm also dying for some twisties. However since there are double demerits id probably go until they're over. Btw congrats on the track day from what I hear you'll have alot of fun :p
  15. Cool,i was actually thinking of an early run this sat, weather is looking good! Keen?
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  16. KimiKimi What time? I should be good to go if it's after homebush. I'll confirm on Thursday :)
  17. Umm...yeah i don't really have a plan or time so lets talk Thursday!
  18. Silly me there's no more Saturday learner sessions until next year haha. I'm keen on Saturday just let me know what's going on :)
  19. How did you go, and what did you think? Hope you had a blast. :)