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1st to 2nd, Honda CBR 600 F2

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dastrix, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Always a issue when on the boil.... it shifts into neutral and i get the lovely big REV! :p

    Anyway help me out, a mate said its a typical honda thing..

    Any assistance would be great boys..
  2. Does it just pop out while riding or is it that it doesn't quite catch second at the point when you change?

    People on here will know more than me about this, but could it be rounded teeth edges on second?
  3. never pops out, its just when I shift into it with a bit of pace..If i do it extra slow, the momvement, its fine..
  4. Two things:

    Oil: Make sure you have good, fresh oil. This helps the gearbox lots.

    Technique: The Honda doesn't like to be treated like a woman, you need to be firm with it, particularly under pace.

    First to second under pace should go a little somthing like;

    Rev hard in 1st, at about 11k rpm put your foot under the gear lever and take out any slack. When you're ready to change very quickly roll the throttle forward 1/4 turn, as your doing this lift the gear lever firmly but quickly - ensure it goes all the way through its range of motion. The gear box will give you a nice healthy click. Now roll on throttle.

    If you want to change just a bit smoother, but still fast you can lightly feather the clutch.
  5. Awesome, thanks man. Bike comes back tomorrow from major service, I assume gearbox oil is part of that service so hopefully things will improve :)

    Ill do the 11rpm trick and see how I go...
  6. I know i'm a total noob, but my vtr250 will be very temperamental with this as well, just got to be firm. The satisfying *snick* is a good reward. Chatting to a few other honda guys (cbr250, another vtr, and a cbr 600) they have this issue. The training course honda cbf's did it too.

    I thought it was a motorbike thing, not a honda specific thing.
  7. Theres no way, that by giving it that firm touch I can shift from 1st to 3rd?
  8. Ummmmm no. No no no no.

    Shift firmly at all times.
  9. Got it :) I suspect my issues will now disappear...
  10. Although for my little bike, it loves clutchless shifting through all gears - up and down - except it doesn't seem to like 1st to 2nd.

    I normally use the clutch for that one for the very reason you mention - it doesn't quite catch and pops out when you put drive through it.
  11. Pretty much all the bikes I've ridden will do this if you shift poorly and don't use the full range of motion.

    You can try moving your shifter down, although don't move it too far or you'll get sore calves.
  12. That could be the reason - to be honest I haven't really tried to resolve the issue, just noticed it and worked around it. I might try lowering the shifter slightly to ensure it can cover the greater distance. ta.
  13. Ahaaa. 27 years old I see. Still time to learn. Firm is good
  14. Geez, if I was treating her firm whilst going at pace she'd be up on blocks as much as the bike. Or is there a secret you'd like to share? ;)
  15. Pretend it's a red headed step child and put some boot into it
  16. Interestingly enough, the H6 does the same thing ( when clutchless upshifting 1st to 2nd ). As others have said, you need to be firm.
    I now usually use the clutch 1st - 2nd with no problems.